Teach your dog to bring back the mail

Posted on November 15 2018

Teach your dog to bring back the mail

In a few simple steps, your dog will learn to bring you mail. This will prevent you from moving and will entertain your companion, who will love to please you.

All those who are lucky enough to live with a dog know it perfectly: our doggies are endowed with an intelligence and sensitivity out of the ordinary. They are characterized by a strong learning ability and, moreover, they love to learn new things.

As long as the exercises we make them are shown to them in a playful and joyful way , they take great pleasure in acquiring and reproducing them. This is the case for all the little tricks we teach them, such as reporting something in particular. This exercise can be perfectly adapted to the mail report . How do we get our dogs to learn to bring back the letters left by the postman?

Step 1: Teach him to bring an object

It's all about teaching your dog to bring something back. For this, proceed in a quiet place , away from elements and noises that can divert his attention.

  1. Take his favorite toy and throw it . As soon as he gets it back , go to him, congratulate him, pull a little on the object to take it back to him and give him a treat at the exact moment when he releases it. If he does not want to let go, shake the candy to excite him and divert his attention to it. Repeat this exercise for several days in a row.
  2. Repeat the exercise, but do not go to your dog when he retrieves the object. Throw the toy to retrieve it, then pull it with a treat to make it come back to you. Give it to him only when he comes back to you with the toy in his mouth . Reward him and congratulate him. Repeat this exercise for several days.
  3. Now associate an oral order ("give", "coward") with handing over your toy. Gradually increase the pitch distance . Reduce the use of treats, but never forget the voice instruction.

2nd step: make him do the same thing with the mail

Now you will work on the mail report itself. For this, simply replace the toy with an envelope .

  1. The first few times, your dog will certainly not be interested in the object because of its lightness, flatness and unattractive trajectory. You can make a pile of envelopes tied with a rubber band and throw it all at you. Then you can, under his eyes, remove only one envelope from the package and launch it, by exciting his interest by shaking it.
  2. As soon as he releases the envelope (pronounce the word "give" or "cowardly"), offer him a treat and congratulate him.
  3. Then, slip the envelope under the door making sure your dog has seen you do and has the "target" in sight. Move away from the door and let him go get the envelope to bring it back to you.
  4. You will gradually remove the treats to make it obey only the oral order.

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