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Teach your dog to close the doors

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Posted on November 14 2018

As with any exercise, teaching your dog to close doors is just a matter of time and work. The result will amaze you.

Sweetness , rewards and rehearsals : these are the 3 slogans that will allow you to teach your dog to close the doors . This is also valid for any new trick to teach him.

Why teach him to close the door?

Dogs love learning new things . Each new tour taught to them contributes to their education , while at the same time helping to strengthen the complicity between them and their teachers. The exercises, whatever they are, stimulate them by appealing to their intelligence and their desire to please their owners. In addition, they can channel if they have too much energy to evacuate.

Any form of dog training is therefore welcome, although some exercises may, at first glance, seem somewhat futile and just made to impress his friends. This is not the case for our 4-legged friends who just want to learn.

The trick we are interested in here is simple: teach your dog to close a door. This can be useful , for example, when you have your arms loaded when you enter and you can not do it yourself. Be aware that if you want to introduce your dog friend to this trick, you will simply have to be patientunderstanding and determined at the same time . You will need a large number of repetitions to achieve the desired result. Do not burn the steps proceed gradually , following his own learning rhythm.

Start with a small door

Putting your dog right in front of a big door can be complicated for him. It is better to start this learning by a small door , like that of a low kitchen cupboard .

First, please let sit a few centimeters of the closet , you'll open the door first. Hold a treat in your hand and present it near his snout to sniff it. Direct your hand hiding the candy to the cupboard door and pass it to the other side of the cupboard to get the dog to push it involuntarily. As soon as the animal touches the door and pushes it, say " firm ", then give it a treat and stroke it to congratulate it .

Repeat several times. Each time, reopen the door, ask him to sit down, guide him with the candy to the door to bring her to push with her muzzle, her head or any other part of her body. Always associate the word "firm" so that it becomes, little by little, the oral order your dog will have to obey.

Go to the big doors

The next step is to teach him the same thing, but with big doors .

The first few times, just open the door slightly. Ask him to sit down, show him the treat and bring his hand to the door , before passing it behind her. Your dog will automatically push the door with his body following the treat.

Again, as soon as the door closes, say "close" and reward him. Gradually, you open the door a little bigger and remove the treat , but never forget to congratulate him. In the long term, your dog will have to obey the "firm" oral order and the movement of your index indicating the door to close.

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