Teaching a puppy cleanliness: method and mistakes to avoid

Posted on October 19 2018

Teaching a puppy cleanliness: method and mistakes to avoid

As a child, your puppy will have urges to urinate at any time and could do it anywhere in your home. One example among others to tell you that learning to clean your puppy is essential for a life of 2 or more, serene. Here are our tips for your puppy to be an ace of cleanliness.

Teaching your puppy cleanliness is one of the main things to do when you arrive home. A puppy often urines, but will not necessarily tell you when. It will be up to you to anticipate by scrutinizing his behavior (turn in circles, smell corners that seem appropriate ...).

A dog with an urgent desire can be easily identified. Generally, it tends to turn around and sniff the ground . It is the harbinger of an urgent desire. So we'll have to take him out and teach him cleanliness, that's part of the puppy's education. Do not panic it can be learned in just 3 weeks , but you will have to involve a minimum and show patience to any test .

As always, learning requires patience and consistency . When it comes to urinating, your puppy will mainly want to:

  • When he woke up
  • After each meal
  • After a game
  • Every 2h the first weeks, once or twice a night.

Feel free to reward your puppy . Not necessarily by a delicacy that could favor its overweight, but by a caress, a mark of affection. So that learning to urinate ends before 4 months. But if your puppy fails to hold back at night, do not panic. It's quite normal and nothing serves to reprimand him.

Start learning very quickly

The training of the cleanliness must be carried out as soon as the puppy arrives at the house . If necessary, take him to your garden or to the street on a leash. It must be taken out every hour (yes ... his bladder is small!), Especially when he wakes up. It is necessary especially to him to delimit a very precise space in your home. Thus, it will allow him to get used to your absence and facilitate his training in cleanliness.

Make him understand with a keyword or a short phrase , what you expect from him, such as " Pee " or " Needs ". Repeat it and be patient until your pup does his little business. This can be time consuming, but do not forget to reward him in the end.

If you do not take your puppy out for more than 10 hours and he is urinating at your home? You will only have to go after yourself. For the rest, a puppy is a very small and it is important to teach him cleanliness with patience, wisdom and pedagogy. An accident happens, especially at this age. If this happens, do not scold your puppy . Do not punish him. Do not put his nose in his urine. This will only have the effect of making your puppy fearful and subject, so to start again with anxiety. He will not hesitate to hide to do his needs and will be more afraid of your reaction.

If an accident happens, be sure to clean the floor without the presence of your puppy in the room. He could take this as a game and start again. Be sure to neutralize the odor. After one or two weeks, your dog will begin to understand and will wave to warn you of an urgent urge.

For the rest, as indicated above, do not hesitate to congratulate your puppy whenever he urinates outside. By doing so, you accelerate learning and reduce the risk of accidents.

Learning in a dog

If a puppy learns from an early age, you may be adopting an already grown-up dog that is unclean. You will have to teach him how to behave. It will not be easy. The origin of this behavior is found in several explanations:
  • A bad learning
  • There was an imbalance in the relationship between the master and the dog. For example, in the absence of the master, the dog had the opportunity to get on the bed, the couch ... This behavior may also have been instituted by you during the life of your dog. You will have to correct it by offering a basket and by establishing, for example, a prohibited room in your home.
  • Anxiety . This may be due to your absence. Anxiety is distinguished by loose stools or the multiplication of diarrhea. The dog is not anxious alone. It comes from your attitude and your habits.
  • Disease . Uncleanliness can be caused by health problems. In this case, go see your vet.

For an adult dog, it is ultimately important to return to the basics of toilet training. To release him, to congratulate him, not to scold him, and to reduce as much as possible his anxieties and his fears. In this way, you will succeed in restoring the situation.

In conclusion

The cleanliness of the puppy is obtained with patience, routine and affection . Your puppy (or dog) must get used slowly but surely. Do not rush it and wait patiently for your dog to hold back before urinating outside. In the event of an accident, make 2 steps backward and increase the number of exits again. We must not burn the steps.

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