The 10 rarest cat breeds

Posted on September 13 2018

The 10 rarest cat breeds

Cat breeds are very numerous and some are much more common than others. The rarest breeds also have their charm and many assets.

The Cymic: it comes from the Isle of Man between England and Ireland

The American Wirehair: it has frizzy and rough hair and wavy mustaches

Sokoke: it comes from Kenya and its name means "tree bark" because of the color of its dress

The York Chocolate: it comes from New York and owes its name to its color

The Snowshoe: it owes its name to its small white legs

The Laperm: it has the curly hair which gave it its name, as the diminutive "the permanent.

The Chausie: it is characterized by plumes at the end of the ears that it holds of a wild feline at the origin of the race.

The Donskoy: it's a bare cat with the dominant gene (if one of the parents is embarrassed, the litter will necessarily be naked) and he sweats a lot

Havana Brown: he has a chocolate dress and green eyes. Some say its name comes from Cuban cigars and others from a rabbit breed of the same name.

The Toyger: he returns to the official book of felines in January 2016 but he does not have a drop of tiger blood in his veins since he comes from a cross of cat breeds.

Most of the rarest breeds of cats are derived from crosses made from other rare breeds and have been developed by famous creators of cat breeds.

They all have very varied geographical origins and are each time the result of an unconditional blow of the creator for two different races. The creation of a breed represents a huge amount of research work and years of patience.

The reward, however, is always up to the effort provided because its breeds are all splendid and deserve to be known.

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