The 5 most curious dogs in the World

Posted on July 18 2018

The 5 most curious dogs in the World

Did you guys think that I was the only special dog right? Well, no doubt all our furry ones are special but there are some whose characteristics make them stand out from the others. I invite you to meet some of them.

George the Giant

George, The biggest dog in the world

This Great Blue Dane measured approximately 2.13 meters standing on two legs and weighed about 254 pounds, something like 110 kg. It has been considered by the Guinness Record not only as the biggest dog in the world, but also the biggest dog in history.

He slept in a special Queen Size mattress and consumed about 85 kg. of food per month. If I consumed! Unfortunately, this furry one died on October 17, 2013, but everyone remembers this giant friend.

Miracle Milly

We all undoubtedly associate Chihuahua dogs as one of the smallest but, imagine a Chihuahua of only 9.65 cm?

Miracle Milly is a Chihuahua that lives in Puerto Rico. It was born weighing approximately 28 grams and was so small that it could fit in a spoon

But you should not confuse them with their size. According to its owner, Vanessa Semler, "Milly knows how to pose for the camera, and everyone is delighted when she takes a photo because, despite being so small, she has a great personality".


Who has not surprised his dog with a good dose of licks in the face. Now imagine that your furry uses his tongue of almost 12 centimeters to show his joy.

That is the case of Puggy, a Pekingese who lives with his owner, Becky Stanford, in the United States whose language was measured by the Avondale Haslet Animal Clinic in Texas in 2009.


Everyone, absolutely everyone wants our dogs to last with us as long as possible.
Bluey accompanied their owners, Les and Esma Hall, for 29 years, 6 months and 12 days . This Australian Cattle Pastor entered the Guinness Record Book in 2004 as the longest-living dog in history.

Jiff, the fastest dog

JiffOf race Poerania, Jiff has a talent that no other dog shares. This puppy has appeared twice in the Guinness Book of Records.

Your records? The fastest walk using only its hind legs and another using only its front legs. He covered 10 meters in just 6.56 seconds and 5 meters in 7.76 seconds respectively.

He also has other talents: He is able to shake hands, ride a skateboard and has even given his autograph more than once.

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