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The 5 Things Dogs Can See Before They Happen

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Posted on June 27 2018

How do you know, dogs are highly intuitive animals and they are always alert of what happens around them. It is known from scientific studies that they even know when a person is sad or stressed; Some even believe that they can know when someone is going to die or even that they see ghosts. However right now we are not going to talk to you about ghosts, but rather of their developed sensory ability that can even help us avoid a catastrophe.

The earthquakes
From ancient Greece to the present, there are reports of how dogs have sensed earthquakes before they occur. In China, stories are even told of how some dogs show signs of stress before the earthquakes. There are many theories of how these natural phenomena come to be felt, but it is even believed that they listen to the stones that fall on the floor; Another theory is that dogs feel seismic activity through their paws. If you notice that your dog begins to act in an unusual way and you live in a highly seismic zone, it may be because an earthquake is approaching.

Electric Storms
Thanks to the electromagnetic forces that storms generate, dogs are able to detect when they are going to occur before they begin to release their rays. It is believed that dogs' well-developed hearing also listens when lightning strikes before humans hear them; as well as his sense of smell is so developed that he can smell electricity in the air.

Some diseases
When people get to suffer certain diseases, such as diabetes or cancer. These aromas are very subtle for humans, but dogs can detect it very easily. If you notice that your dog smells too much or gets too close to a part of your body, you should consider going to visit your doctor. Some places even train dogs to smell cancer, just like dogs trained to find drugs and bombs. However, homemade dogs when they detect cancer only detect it to the people they live with the most, this is because they are their loved ones and they know something is wrong with them.

Heart Attacks and Seizures
There are dogs that are trained specifically to alert their owners before they have a heart attack and even give them help in what they can to save the person; however, not all dogs can recognize these attacks. It is also said that dogs can know when a person will have seizures minutes before.

Enter labor
Several reports have been documented where dogs predict when people are entering labor; many of these talk about how dogs practically become the shadow of their owners one day before they enter work. It is said that this happens because women, when they are about to go into labor, release a very particular aroma, similar to that which people who have cancer or other degenerative diseases have.

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