The best 10 dog breeds for families with children

Posted on June 19 2018

The best 10 dog breeds for families with children

Which race is better with children?

Deciding which dog to add to the family is a very important decision. You have to consider your temperament, personality and race.

Below we recommend the best 10 dog breeds for families with children:

It is a breed of miniature dog whose name comes from the Toliara in the south of Madagascar and for its fur texture similar to cotton. His personality is usually sweet and tender and is a very happy race that gets along very well with children and adults of all ages.

The Bobtail is a dog of tolerant character. It is excellent to live with children of all ages and other pets. Faithful and intelligent, I have always liked to be with company. It is advisable to train well since childhood, since it is receptive and learns quickly.

Collie is an intelligent dog, persevering and a great nanny. He is sweet, very attentive and a good watchman; a perfect dog to leave a child in his charge. Usually with babies you can treat like a stuffed animal. It is protective and prevents children from leaving with strangers. It is dedicated to watching the little ones, and if something happens to them, they cry or fall, they do not hesitate to act.

They are known for their giant size, their black, brown, black and white color, their enormous strength and loyalty. This breed excels in aquatic rescue due to its muscular structure, thick fur and webbed feet. They are very tender and protective and usually harmonize well with children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
It is a small dog breed, active and cheerful temperament. Its main function has been that of companion mascot what is shown in paintings of the sixteenth century. They tend to consider all strangers as friends and usually do not fight with other dogs. This breed in general is good with children and other dogs, since they are affectionate and show a patient character.

It is a breed of hunting dog and companion animal. They have a medium size, short hair and Hungarian origin. They are very active, so they require daily exercise. They have an excellent sense of smell and are good swimmers. They are very active, safe, smart and energetic. And the best thing is that they usually do not have that dog smell that other breeds have.

They are a small to medium-sized breed. The bloodhound was used mainly to track hares and rabbits. They are smart, and popular dogs because of their size, quiet character and lack of health problems. It seems that these dogs never tire, which makes them perfect for active children of all ages.

They are originally from Great Britain, and were used to bet on dog fights during the seventeenth century. Currently they are calm dogs that do not need much activity and are perfect to live with people of all ages.

It is a breed originally from Canada and one of the most popular in the world. They are usually gentle, kind, intelligent and full of energy dogs. That is why they are considered good companions for people of all ages. They are also known as working dogs, commonly forming part of the canine brigades with police in anti-drug, anti-explosive, search and rescue operations.

Golden Retriever
It is a breed of dog that developed in Scotland. He is a skilled dog, extremely patient, intelligent and loyal. It has a friendly disposition and an attitude that has made it one of the most popular breeds for families. These furry ones require a lot of exercise and they are excellent company for active people.

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