The best and worst ways to give love to your dog

Posted on April 18 2018

The best and worst ways to give love to your dog

In the world of dogs, there is also a label manual to give love to dogs. From the way you approach, the places where you can caress them and even the right moments.

The golden rule: only caresses dogs that want to be caressed.

That is, if the dog did not approach you, do not go after it. This is the most important thing that should be taught to children, if the dog does not come to say hello and is friendly, you should NEVER go looking for you. If the dog is lying down or hiding in his little house, the dog clearly does not want to be bothered.

If you want the dog to get closer, crouch at your level and try to make it the one that comes to you. If the dog is paying attention to you, you can even call him to see if that's how he approaches.

When the dog approaches, do not go on top of one. Let me first see you, smell you and then you will know if you want to be cherished or not. Remember that when they smell you, they are reading all your information. In fact, the ideal is to pretend to ignore them while they explore you so they do not feel threatened.

Look at your body language

Since he has smelled you and is still happy, with his ears a little back and wagging his tail, he is officially inviting you to make him love. If when you finish smelling you see him nervous, showing his teeth or leaning back, do not caress him.

Caress the right parts.

Pet the dog only in the parts where we know that dogs feel comfortable being touched. At the base of the neck, shoulders and chest are favorite places. The head is not, many dogs may feel threatened, so if you do not know the dog well, avoid this part. If you know the dog, you can try to make love to the beard, behind the ears just where the collar is. Most dogs do not like their feet, tail, ears and muzzle to touch them.

If the dog pulls on his belly, he is not necessarily asking you to scratch his belly. In canine language, putting on belly is synonymous with submission and they do so when they feel threatened by another dog. If a dog throws its belly when you are greeting it, avoid giving it affection because it may be scared.

Cherish them slowly and calmly

Although there are dogs that like to play rougher, if you do not know the dog, it is always best to start calmly and slowly and you will be measuring how much the dog likes it. If you scratch them slowly, you massage them with your fingertips or you just caress them, you can help them calm down.

Patting is not the dog's favorite, even though it is very important that it be taught to the children as it is what they always tend to do.

Giving them "cachetaditas" is also something that we should avoid unless it is your dog of life with which you already have a game routine.

No kisses and hugs

Dogs feel threatened by hugs because it immobilizes them. Parents should teach this to children to avoid accidents. They should also teach them not to kiss them as this brings them closer to their muzzles and if they are an unknown dog, they probably will not be happy to be kissed.

We use tips

Never try to caress a but tied, in a car or behind a fence. When dogs are enclosed or restricted to a certain place, they are in protective mode so they are very likely to behave aggressively.

You should never let a child caress a new dog without adult supervision.

Always remember to ask before stroking a dog on a leash , you never know if they are friendly or not.

Also remember that service dogs are working so you should always respect them and not get close to them unless the owner gives you permission.

Petting a dog is good for the dog and for you, the idea is that both have a good time and relax a little.

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