The best names for a male dog

Posted on October 07 2018

The best names for a male dog

It is not uncommon to choose a name for your dog because of a trait of its own, its color or the impression it gives off. This choice can be made according to various criteria and the possibilities are endless. Faced with this embarrassment of choice, here are some suggestions to give a name to your dog if he is male.

Choosing a name for your dog is sometimes a puzzle, especially if you want to opt for something that is a bit out of the ordinary. While the original choices may appeal, some classics remain equally effective and appealing. Most often, it is advisable to choose one- or two-syllable names to facilitate the learning of basic commands. The simpler the expression and the clearer sounds, the sooner the dog will become familiar with it and respond to it. What are the best names for a male dog  ? These few indications will help you make your choice.

Every year his letter, according to the Central Canine Society

Since 1926, the SCC ( Société Centrale Canine ) has been recommending to breeders and dog owners who are to be registered to give them names that begin with the letter chosen for each year . Thus puppies born in 1926 have all received names beginning with the letter "A". The following year, new births were registered under names beginning with "B", and so on. The goal was to put order in the registers listing the dogs registered in the French Book of Origins. The "Z" was subsequently removed from the list due to the difficulty of finding names beginning with this letter. It will be the same for the letters "K", "Q", "W", "X" and "Y". In the end, the dog alphabet for naming dogs is therefore limited to 20 letters . 2015 is thus the year of the "L".

On the other hand, if you do not plan to have your dog registered for the LOF, you do not have to comply with this rule.

Here are 28 of the most popular dog names for males

  • Caramel: often chosen because of the color of the dog. May also be suitable for females.
  • Cookie: what to make a dog-cake? The sounds are, in any case, perfectly audible for the dog.
  • Diego: Hispanic classic name.
  • Enzo: Same as for Diego. Simple and efficient.
  • Falco: "Falcon" in Latin.
  • Filou: for particularly cunning dogs.
  • Gribouille: more suitable for small dogs .
  • Guizmo: this name is also intended for small dogs, in reference to the character of the Gremlins.
  • Happy: the tube of the year 2013. Also suitable for females.
  • Iron: for tough guys and those with this Tony Stark side.
  • Jack: one syllable. Short and infallible.
  • Junior: another classic.
  • Leo: in reference to the lion. A good name idea for males of the Chow-Chow and breeds ,Tibetan Mastiff for example. May be also a nod to Messi for footie.
  • Lucky: "lucky," in English. If your dog is the type to bark / jump / eat faster than his shadow, this name will go perfectly.
  • Max: difficult to make easier. Not very original, but effective.
  • Snowy: in reference to the most famous of Fox-Terriers with hard hair , that of Tintin. Small, smart, brave and loyal.
  • Oscar: name of Anglo-Saxon origin that we meet very fluently.
  • Prince: for dogs of royal blood. Or who have the attitude anyway.
  • Ramses: the lineage of pharaohs who has long ruled over ancient Egypt.
  • Rex: from Latin and meaning "king". Already very popular before being propelled by the German crime series of the same name.  
  • Rocky: The famous character played by Sylvester Stallone has inspired many. Perfect as a dog's name.
  • Sam: short, simple and efficient.
  • Simba: in reference, of course, to the central character of Disney's Lion King.
  • Snoopy: The name of Charlie Brown's philosopher dog is still popular.
  • Teddy: if your dog is a judoka at heart.
  • Tyson: one of the most admired and controversial boxers in the history of noble art. His name evokes power and ferocity. Often given to strong dogs such as Rottweiler , American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull.
  • Ugo: minimalist, pretty and easily identifiable by the dog.
  • Ulysses: illustrious hero of Greek mythology.

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