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The bites of chiggers in dogs

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Posted on October 10 2018

But who are the chiggers, those little animals that make life hard for our pets? Augusta is a mite that, as its name suggests, raging in August, when the heat and humidity are at the rendezvous.

These stubborn little beasts are your dog's nightmare. How do dogs catch chiggers? How to recognize them and how to get rid of them?

What is Trombicula autumnalis?

It is an insect that is part of the mite family, aptly named " Trombicula autumnalis ". This nuisance parasite stays in our lawns and gardens  when the humidity and the heat are favorable to it. In general, this mite rages in August, but it can happen to meet until the beginning of autumn and especially in September .

The chiggers are yellow in the initial state and are colored orange when they have fed on our blood or that of our dog. They lay larvae under the skin and feed on flesh.

How to recognize an Trombicula autumnalis sting?

On the man, the bite of Augustat is characterized by strong itching and a coloring of the area bitten in orange . It is very difficult not to scratch after a bite, because the saliva of this mite is highly irritating and allergenic .

In dogs, we notice an attack of Augustat observing his behavior. A bitten dog is a dog that keeps scratching  or biting frantically between the paws, behind the ears or on the genitals. His skin turns red and your dog will sometimes scratch to the blood . We must find a solution to relieve him.

Ridding your dog of these mites

The august stays on your dog. It's a parasite. When your dog is scratching, examine his body at the strategic parts, and chase these small orange beasts. Do not grab them by hand and use an anti-flea and spray tick preferably. For maximum efficiency, make sure your dog does not lick for an hour

Be careful, then you will need to disinfect the places frequented by your dog , as well as your clothes, because the Augustat also attacks the man.

Treat your best friend's skin

Once the parasites are dead and they have unhooked your dog's skin, he will have to treat his skin. To do this, take care to clean your dog by giving him a bath and washing with a mild soap.

Note that chiggers are very resistant. You will need a lot of patience and tenacity to overcome it. You will certainly need to consult a veterinarian.

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