The character of the dog: how to manage his temperament?

Posted on October 18 2018

The character of the dog: how to manage his temperament?

In a general way, the character of the dog defines the set of physical and moral traits that define a species. We distinguish the innate character of the acquired character, the specific character of the variable character. It will be necessary to ask to what extent a character can be that of the dog or the one that the man has transmitted to him.

Character tests

There are a number of character tests , but veterinarians and canine educators have only 4 of them, which generally give good results. It is interesting to test your dog to assess his ability to train his dog or to adjust his breeding. But in general, you do not need it:
  • Campbell's test
  • Toman's test
  • Breteau's test
  • The Quinnec test

Educate your animal and print a character

From the beginning of its existence, the dog perceives signs from the outside. An accident in utero will not be harmless for his puppy behavior , then adult dog . In the same way, the actions of the man during the first weeks of his life will participate in the formation of his character. There are two causes in behavioral mechanisms in dogs:
  • Instinct , which is provided by its nature
  • Man and his way of educating his animal

The dog says docile

Some dogs are easier to train than others. It comes from their race and their genes. The education phase will be no less important. Be equally patient with them and go through the game to print your own rules. The docile dog is more inclined to play. Be firm, but benevolent.

The dog of character

We spoke above of the innate character . There are breeds that are more difficult to channel than others. It is said that these dogs have character. Make no mistake, it does not mean they are aggressive! Aggression has other reasons that we will see later. This means that the dog is stubborn and you will have to redouble firmness to train him.

A dog with bad temper?

My young dog has a pig character

It comes from his first weeks of existence , from his inheritance and from his race. You have no hold on this character, but you can bend it by means of education. Be firm, caring and tenacious. With time, it will become docile and easy, because you will have taught him this type of character.

My adult dog is a mule head

It's not normal. You have to ask yourself how you made it up. Have you been clear enough in your instructions and what you expect from him? The adult dog is what the man has made of him. It is not irreversible, but redefining its character will be a long and rigorous job.

Your dog is aggressive

Again, it's about questioning your education and your behavior with him. Naturally, the dog does not attack . If he shows his teeth, it is because he perceives a problem. He must feel threatened or, in the case of a female who has just given birth, she feels her reach threatened. An aggressive dog is a dog that is afraid . His fearful character must then be corrected with patience and gentleness.

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