The Coexistence Between Children and Cats

Posted on April 23 2018

The Coexistence Between Children and Cats
When children grow up with a pet, not only is fun for all the good times together, but training because they learn the importance and responsibility involved in caring for a living being and respect for animals. Parents have to explain that pets are not toys and that they need care, they can also develop important values ​​that help them during growth, such as having greater empathy and sociability. We will give you some tips for children that relate to a cat.

If the child understands the rules will depend on their age and the responsibility that parents have assumed as they have to monitor that there are no accidents as well as check the environment of the pet.

Cats should enjoy a quiet rest, so we should avoid that the child wants to hug him or play with him, if they are sleeping they should not be bothered because they can react aggressively. Many cats may be grouchy and rejection when awakened and may even have defensive actions such as scratching. We must teach our children that you do not have to wake a sleeping animal, because it could be dangerous.

It's time to eat and our pets consider them their private moments so it's better not to disturb them. Since many cats react aggressively if they are interrupted the time of the mouthful, while others, they tend to eat very fast, which can cause them some digestive disease.

It is important to make sure that the cats have their space and that they are separated inside the home so they can eat quietly and educate the children to learn not to disturb them when they eat.

When the cats retire to take a nap or to be quiet in remote places. We must respect the decisions of our cat as it seeks a moment of peace ..

Cats are always looking for caresses, pampering and attention, but do not get along very well with sudden movements or energetic caresses. Consider that children are not always soft in their movements so you have to teach them that they have to caress the cat very carefully.

If you educate children to gently treat an animal such as the cat, they can gently handle fragile objects in the future and thus avoid problems at school by brusque attitudes.

It is equally important to teach our children that they should not behave in the same way with all cats. It is normal for the children to think they can do with other cats the pampering they do with theirs, but that is a big mistake. There are cats that have low levels of sociability and are aggressive.

Ideally, children learn to behave quietly with animals they do not know and that recognize the signals they transmit so they can live with other cats without being hurt.

While children have more frequent treatment with cats, you will learn to know their language. If the children learn to know the signals that the cat throws at them, they will also learn to play with them and respect them when they do not want to be disturbed.

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