The different diseases of your cat's eyes and how to treat them

Posted on December 14 2018

The different diseases of your cat's eyes and how to treat them

Your cat has an incredible view. However, your cat's eyes can sometimes be sick. They can be benign as serious. Some can make it blind if they are not taken in time. We look at potential eye pathologies to better prevent and treat them.

The sight is a very important sense for your cat. The latter is, we remind you, a nyctalope . That is to say, he can see the night through sticks that humans do not have. Its pupil adapts according to the brightness. Moreover, his field of vision is superior to that of a human: 260° against 230°. Still, your cat is short-sighted since he only sees objects close to him . To this end, his whiskers serve him continuously and come in addition to his sight.

Some diseases can affect his vision or even make it completely blind.

Eye diseases

  • Conjunctivitis
It is a well-known disease , both in animals and in humans. It touches the inner corner of the eye and touches the inside of the eyelids . A conjunctivitis may be derived from an allergy or a bacterium . Painful but especially restrictive for your feline, this disease must be treated quickly with the help of your veterinarian who will prescribe a solution to inject into the eyes of your cat. Eyes that might have trouble opening .
  • Glaucoma
Here too, the human is subject to it. The internal eye pressure increases substantially. Thus, only a surgical procedure can reduce the pressure and thus avoid irreversible damage . Otherwise, your view may be affected.
  • Cataract
A white reflection in the eye can identify this disease. It is actually a clouding of the lens. An important cataract leads to blindness of sight. Indeed, a white eye causes in 100% of the cases a total blindness of your feline. Cataract, taken in an early stage, can occur. In some cases, the operation is impossible. You can spot the first signs through a cat that knocks , that does not quite right , that jump when it sees someone appear in front of him. Act quickly.
  • Prolapse
It is an infectious disease that is similar to conjunctivitis and occurs in the same way. You must act as quickly as possible.
  • Retinal detachment
Frequent disease in your feline. The loss of sight is progressive and leads to total blindness . Many cat breeds are prone to this pathology. This is the case, for example, of the Persian .
  • herpes
This is one of the 3 viruses responsible for the coryza . Cat herpes is aggressive and mainly affects kittens and felines that are under severe stress or have a deficient immune system. The eyes will be infected and it will be possible to see a brown-red flow . The virus can stay alive in your cat's body, activating when a drop in immunity is observed.
  • Feline chlamydia
Contagious disease , it originates from conjunctivitis of an eye. The second will quickly become infected. The eyes are swollen and flow.
  • Feline infectious peritonitis

PIF will trigger an eye infection . The latter can see the iris and the vascularized layers become infected , just like the cornea . This infection can cause an ulcer.


The sight is an essential sense for your cat. The main symptoms of a loss of sight caused by a disease are a clear disorientation. Your cat will have trouble finding his way around the space . This could also cause bursts if he fails to distinguish properly.

What's more, the symptoms of many infections are red eyes , sometimes thick discharge , and scabs . The cat's eyes will swell . He might not see anything anymore. He often rubs his eyes because it itches.


You must never let an infection develop . Go very quickly to your vet who will act accordingly. It will operate if necessary or prescribe medication to contain or reverse the infection. He can measure ocular tension to rule out glaucoma , cataract or cornea . In some cases, he may even place implants.


The eyes are organs to take into account daily , especially in fragile breeds. They must be inspected regularly, and clean . In prevention, you can vaccinate your cat against certain diseases that may develop. Early management and before any spread or development of the disease can facilitate the complete recovery of your feline.

In summary

There are many diseases that can affect your cat's eyes. Some, taken in time, allow to heal without the slightest effect. Others, on the other hand, drift slowly, but surely, towards the total blindness of your feline. You can, however, limit progression by acting through your veterinarian. At each appearance of a disturbing symptom, you must react quickly.

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