The dog breeds you never know

Posted on April 11 2018

The dog breeds you never know

Believe it or not, dogs have been our companion throughout history, and as with other species, some of the dog breeds that existed at the beginning are now extinct . Here we tell you some, so you can meet them, even if it is not in person.


This breed was introduced in New Zealand in 900 AD by the Maori who colonized it. The Kuris ate the leftovers of the tribes and often ventured to hunt fish, lizards, frogs and birds. This breed was medium-sized and weighed approximately 15 kilos. It had very short legs, pointed ears, sharp snout and a tail similar to that of the spitz . Likewise, it was characterized by a white coat with spots. According to several cave paintings, it is believed that the Maori sacrificed them as a ritual, in addition to taking advantage of their skin as mantles and ornaments.


The turnspit appears in the first dog book published in England in 1576. Before the 19th century, there was a great demand for this ancient breed, until it reached the point where it ended. In the pre-industrial era, large kitchens used to have several turnspits so that together they would turn the rotisseries . These little dogs were circling for at least three hours in a row . The illustrations show that it was a dark dog, with short legs, a long body, drooping ears and a curled tail.

Dog of Cuba

This breed of dog was developed to fight against giant bulls. It is believed that the first dogs of Cuba appeared thanks to the mastiffs that the Spaniards took to the West Indies. The soldiers used these dogs to enter the communities and kill the inhabitants. Physically they were bigger than a bulldog but smaller than a mastiff and were brick red. They were also corpulent and with a short and wide snout. Unfortunately the race was disappearing until you could only see it in decoration for gift cards.

Alpine Mastiff

It is considered an ancestral race and grandfather of the famous San Bernardo . The alpine mastiff was used as a watchdog in the Swiss Alps. In the tenth century a monk named Bernard de Menthon founded a lodging in the Alps to shelter people crossing from one side of the mountain range to another. Likewise, he adopted some of the dogs that the Romans had left centuries ago and turned them into guard dogs. The breed became extinct, since they began to change these specimens in rescue dogs, to later have the San Bernardos.

Dog of Cordoba

This breed of dog was one of the first created for the famous dog fights . It is believed to be a mixture of Spanish mastiff with bull terrier and bulldog. The dog of Cordoba was characterized by its immense size and fierce personality. Supposedly it was thought to have aggressive character in front of any other dog that approached him. They were so specialized for combat that they disappeared the moment dog fights began to be banned. His descendant is the well-known Argentine bulldog .

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