The dog GPS collar: what's the use and how to choose?

Posted on November 16 2018

The dog GPS collar: what's the use and how to choose?

Geolocation and tracking tools are continuing their generalization. They concern an ever-increasing variety of areas and the lives of our canine friends are not spared. For some owners, such a tool is a real blessing.

Losing your dog is the worst thing any dog ​​owner can do. The idea of ​​knowing it far from home and of not being able to see it again is a nightmare for anyone with a four-legged companion. Among the accessories that can prevent such situations, the GPS collar is experiencing increasing success among the dog's friends. How can a GPS collar really be useful ? What qualities should he have?

GPS collar: what use?

The dog GPS collar prevents the owner from losing track of his animal. It allows him to know his location in real time (more or less depending on the models).

This device thus offers the possibility to dog masters who tend to run away to locate them, which facilitates their research. It can also be useful in case of dog theft . It is also necessary that the animal wears it at the time of its removal and that it does not come to the mind of the thief to remove it.

Finally, for hunters whose dogs have to move over long distances, tracking collars also allow them to follow them in case of prolonged remoteness.

Principle of the dog GPS collar

The device is generally in the form of a housing that is installed on the collar of the dog. It works with a mobile application to install on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The various models on the market offer a variety of features , including those to define security zones . Via the application, the user can establish a kind of virtual fence and receives an alert if his dog crosses the limits.

Other models allow a follow-up of the activities of the dog, reporting, for example, the number of steps taken and the distance traveled.

As for their prices, they can go from 80 to 500 euros and more, depending on the type of device and features offered. You also need to have a subscription in some cases.

The criteria of choice

  • The lightness : the comfort and welfare of the dog should prevail. Most models of GPS collars are lightweight, weighing only a few tens of grams, not to interfere with the animal in its movements.
  • Autonomy : A GPS collar whose battery does not offer satisfactory levels of autonomy is of no use. If you can no longer locate your dog after a few minutes, so do not equip it at all.
  • Usability : the device, as well as its application and interface, must be simple to understand and implement. Everyone is not broken to the finesse of small high-tech jewelry.
  • Features : The choice of a dog GPS collar will also depend on the features it offers and therefore the use that one intends to make. If you are looking for a simple GPS plotter, a basic model may suffice. If you want to have a tool to track the activities of your dog, we will turn to more sophisticated models.

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