The essentials for the cat first aid kit

Posted on January 01 2019

The essentials for the cat first aid kit

It can be used during your holidays, but also everyday. Do you have a medicine kit in your bathroom or in one of your living room furniture? So why not your cat? It has even become indispensable in order to respond quickly to unforeseen events. We explain what it should contain.

Why have a first aid kit?

As its name indicates, it is useful when an unexpected event that can be treated with your skills occurs. A pharmacy kit can be used urgently and , in many cases, can limit the worsening of symptoms or increase bleeding . Yes, we will find mainly dressings and disinfectant for possible wounds of your cat, but also other accessories.

What should it contain?

Inside a cat emergency kit, several things are to be expected and stored carefully:
  • The disinfectant . The one used for humans is not necessarily suitable, especially if it is an iodine solution. Check with your veterinarian to determine which product is best for your pet. To this you can add healing creams , but also physiological saline .
  • Have antiparasitic or anti-tick medications with you . They can be useful. As such, take a clip tick and a smart comb to remove quickly if they were demonstrating.
  • Of packs and the cotton must be included in your kit, just like the tape . The main use of this pharmacy kit is to respond to wounds that would manifest in your cat.
  • Insert a needle - less syringe , which could be used to administer food or water to your cat.
  • A collar, to install to your feline when it presents an open wound . This saves him from licking and potentially infecting him.
  • A thermometer , which can be used in any weather, but especially in summer, in case of hot weather. He assures you that your cat does not undergo a significant increase in body temperature.

Of course, if your feline takes regular treatment , you will not forget to include it in this pharmacy kit. Other medicines may also accompany you. We leave it to you to question your veterinarian about this, as each case is different.

Where to store your pharmacy case

Do not think about putting it in your attic. Your kit must be accessible in order to be open in an emergency . When traveling with your feline, you must have it all the time.

And before leaving?

Always make a check-up visit with your veterinarian . Also, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment in the pharmacy kit. You can add drugs against motion sickness if your cat suffers.

In summary

A first aid kit must always be accessible. It can be used at any time in your everyday life as during your holidays. Make sure you always have the proper equipment.

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