The European passport for your cat: what it is and how to get it

Posted on January 03 2019

The European passport for your cat: what it is and how to get it

Since 2004, your cat can not travel outside France without a precious sesame: a passport. The latter compiles everything you need to know about your cat. It is the boilerplate, the document that is authentic and that will allow you to go on vacation together. What does it contain? Why is it compulsory? What is the price ? When and how to fill it? Or present it? We answer all these questions.

On 3 July 2004, the European Parliament decides to adopt new " pet travel conditions " which " are harmonized in the framework of the provisions of Regulation (EC) 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 May 2003. It lays down the animal health conditions applicable to the movement of pet animals between Member States and from third countries'.

All for the sake of simplifying and centralizing information about your pets, and here your cat. Since 2009, it has become the only document attesting to an anti-rabies vaccination. It is essential for traveling in Europe but also for returning from a stay in a non-European country.

What is it ?

This is a blue document . Its size is 10 centimeters in height and 15 centimeters in width. This is a unique model for all member countries of the European Community . It contains a plethora of information that must all be met, especially by your veterinarian. Thus, you will find:
  • The identification of your cat (chip or tattoo)
  • Number and date of completion of identification
  • The total description of your animal (race, species)
  • His name
  • His first name
  • His sex
  • His date of birth
  • The color of his coat
  • The information of the owner of the cat

It also contains certificates of vaccination , especially against rabies . It may also contain other information such as treatments for ticks and tapeworms, other vaccinations and medical history.

How to get it?

There is only one person able to issue you such a passport: your veterinarian. He is the only one who can do it. It delivers you this precious sesame once the vaccination against rabies carried out. It is also necessary that your cat is totally identified.

Be careful, find out about the destinations you want to go to. In some countries, other vaccinations are required than rabies vaccination. Countries also require additional blood tests to be performed in addition to vaccination and within a time limit.

For example, to travel to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden , your cat must be identified by microchip , it must be treated against ticks . Your veterinarian must deworm it. In addition, in Sweden, treatment for echinococcosis (worms) is mandatory.

How much does it cost ?

The European passport for your cat will cost you about € 15. In case of loss, it is possible to have a duplicate for 5 €.

Who can ask me for the passport?

As for humans, your cat's passport is an official document that can be requested occasionally for a routine check. Thus, the customs of a member state of the European Union is entitled to verify it once arrived on foreign soil. You have nothing to worry about in the case of information in good standing. On the other hand, if it is not the case, or if you do not present the passport in question, several sanctions can fall:
  • Your cat can be sent back to you in his country of origin.
  • Your cat can be quarantined .
  • Your cat can be euthanized if the customs deems it necessary.

So do not laugh with this piece of identification.

What to do in case of passport loss?

Like any paper, it is possible to misplace it on the way. If you have not gone on a trip yet, this is not necessarily a problem. On the other hand, once on foreign soil, it is more delicate. You must take the same steps as to obtain an original. In Belgium , it is possible to request a duplicate from the ABIEC-BVIRH. In any case, it is necessary to have the certificate of vaccination of your cat. The best is still not to lose this passport under any circumstances.

In summary

The European passport is a mandatory document for your cat if he is required to travel outside France. It is the identity card of your cat and, above all, the guarantor of a vaccination in the rules of the art against rabies. Some countries want more vaccinations or treatments (against ticks, worms). It may be required at any time on foreign soil. You need it, too, to come back to France from a non-European territory. In case of non-presentation of this title, the sanctions can range from quarantine to euthanasia.

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