The first visit of your kitten to the veterinarian

Posted on December 12 2018

The first visit of your kitten to the veterinarian

You have taken the plunge and you decided to buy a kitten to a breeder? Your cat has just given birth to kittens? In any case, the first visit to a veterinarian is a ritual never to be missed. Why ? How is he preparing? What happens once at home? We give you all the elements of answer for a better anticipation.

The acquisition of a kitten or birth is always a special moment in your life, but also in that of your protégé. The bonds are woven gently and he must get used to his house, his new environment, his cocoon, his environment. He slowly gets used to your smell, your touch and your caresses. He must also get used to being examined from time to time. The first time is often the most important . This is, in fact, a thorough examination of your feline.

Why go to the vet so early?

Some breeders are unscrupulous about the health of your kitten. An initial inconclusive review may result in the cancellation of a sale , if diseases such as PIF or leucosis are discovered. The examination will be complete and will detect the least abnormalities . An accurate diagnosis will be established and, if necessary, care will be provided.

A visit, it's getting ready

Your kitten should not experience a visit to a veterinarian as a torture , as a constraint . The fear must be a missing feeling at home when he goes to his clinic. Your behavior will inevitably reflect on his. You must therefore try to familiarize your kitten with the hospital environment . The goal is not to go there only when something is wrong. Otherwise, he will make the veterinary association-to be bad.

In addition, once in the waiting room, it is advisable to keep your kitten away from other animals. An unexpected reaction may still occur. Calm him by caressing him, talking to him in a soft voice.

You, as a master, will also need to prepare a small list of questions to ask the veterinarian who will take care of your protégé. Do not hesitate to ask him anything that goes through your head, and that could serve you on a daily basis. Do not elude any subject . This will reassure you and help you better understand the life of your pet.

Exams made

During the first auscultation, the veterinarian will make a complete assessment of the state of health of your cat. He made sure of the functioning of each organ, of each member. He will check his weight, his height, his teeth, the condition of his coat and that of his ears. He will listen to the slightest pathology, the least malformation. He will also perform reflex exercises for your kitten. If so, he could put a microchip or tattoo on your cat.

When to vaccinate?

Another essential step after the first visit to the veterinarian, that of vaccination. This is done from the age of 2 months . Your kitten will need to be vaccinated against the common diseases of the cat, namely rabies, common cold, typhus and leucosis. There will also be deworming , with several reminders.

In short

The vet is not just a doctor for your cat. This is a privileged interlocutor in your life as a feline owner. He will listen to you, advise you and will always be present when you need them. He will answer all your questions and will be able to choose what is best for your companion.

In summary

The first visit of your cat to a veterinarian is preparing. Do not choose any center or clinic. This must be the same until the end of his life (except moving). This visit is prepared, anticipates, and not only if your kitten is not doing well. It also makes it possible to detect unknown diseases and cancel a possible sale. It is not negligible. The veterinarian will perform a complete examination, reviewing your kitten from top to bottom. Then will come the time of vaccinations and deworming.

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