The Hair Removal in my Dog

Posted on April 23 2018

The Hair Removal in my Dog

There are different factors that can affect the hair loss of our dear four-legged friends. Some of these factors are food, the environment, age, lifestyle or your grooming routine, to name a few; They define the amount of hair that our dogs lose day by day.

If your pet lives inside the house, it is easier for you to help him with his grooming routine, in which you must remove his loose hair so that it does not get in the way or knots are going to be made. If your pet spends most of its time outdoors (yard, garden, etc.) it is normal to change their fur more frequently, because their fur is more exposed to dust, water, and other environmental factors that cause it to deteriorate a little faster.

A poor diet can also cause excessive hair loss, in addition to affecting the entire body. To prevent this, it is necessary that your dog's diet be rich in protein. You can also use the help of some supplements that will help improve the conditions of your coat.

When an animal does not consume enough protein, the hair becomes dry, fragile and falls too much, and when it does not consume the essential nutrients, your dog can have an irregular molt, that is, it will not always change its hair with the same frequency.

Have you noticed that sometimes when you feel very stressed, your hair falls a little more?

Something similar happens to our pets! When your pet is under a lot of stress, you may notice that its fur and coat deteriorate a bit. Some of the factors that can cause stress are noise, fear, sudden changes in their environment, changes in food, boredom, lack of contact (do not leave much time alone), pain or anxiety. If your pet is exposed to this type of situation, it is normal to suffer from more hair loss.

Another aspect to consider is the frequency with which you bathe your little friend, since some products can be very strong for your skin, which will cause it to dry out and your dog to have a greater hair loss. To decrease the frequency of baths, you can use products such as wet wipes , which will help keep it clean and delay bathing. You can also use a shampoo that is softer, made especially for them, so it will not cause problems on your skin.

Do not forget that brushing is also very important for your pet to have an enviable coat. It is also a good way to keep your skin clean, as when brushing your hair, we remove the dirt that is in your coat and thus we manage to keep your coat bright and healthy after a game session on the ground.

Another way to keep your best friend's skin clean is by means of deShedding which consists in the effective elimination of dead hair, without damaging the skin of your pet.

Points to remember:

  • The fact that our pets change their hair is something normal, since this way, new hair can leave without problems.
  • Seasonal changes influence the change of hair, for example, it is not the same to live with a temperature of 30 ° C in summer at 2 ° C in winter, the coat of your pet is prepared according to the season.
  • When dogs live indoors, they will always release hair, as the internal light causes a greenhouse effect.
  • Short-haired breeds tend to lose more hair than long-haired ones.
  • If your dog's hair falls and does not grow back in certain areas, it is not normal, so we recommend that you go to a veterinarian for a review.
  • The blood contains hormones that determine the phases of hair growth and that, therefore, the molt is controlled by hormonal changes, for example, when a dog ends its heat cycle, it is normal for it to change its hair.
  • Enjoy with your pet the season of change, close ties at the time of brushing and always give a lot of love, although surely it is necessary to say

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