The importance of a clean dog

Posted on April 26 2018

The importance of a clean dog
Hygiene, both in humans and in animals, is of utmost importance, since it directly depends on the state of health. A clean dog will always have fewer problems than one that is not cleaned regularly.

No dog is the same as another, there are all sizes, colors and types, so each one requires special care so that you have an optimal state of health and that this is reflected in your state of mind.

The issue of hair in a dog is very important, because that is where you can hide some parasites or bacteria that damage the animal's health. The long-haired specimens require frequent baths with special products and a brushing so they do not knot and therefore look bad. Meanwhile, those with short hair need another type of maintenance, so that their skin does not dry out.

There is a wide variety of high quality products for dog grooming, from special shampoos for each hair type, soaps for different skins, tooth or hair brushes that will keep the pet in the best terms.

Shampoo is one of the most pleasant products for pets, as it has a soft natural scent that is not annoying to the dog's smell, as well as facilitating the disentangling of long fur and giving it a special shine, without neglecting that its formula is biodegradable, so your dog will not only be clean, but also the environment will be safe from harmful substances.

The dental care can not be omitted for any reason, for it is denture where certain bacteria that can endanger the life of your pet stay. It is known that 70 percent of the animals that are not given proper oral hygiene begin to present serious health problems from three years of age, they can even lose all the teeth and complicate their feeding.

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