The importance of playing with other dogs

Posted on April 03 2018

The importance of playing with other dogs

In recent years we have heard about the importance of socializing our hairy dogs with other dogs, and surely many of you have been thrilled with this idea. We look for friends who have more dogs to organize an appointment and get them to live together, we go to parks that have specific areas for dogs and do everything possible to make this happen.

Most dogs play at chewing their jaws and this behavior is normal, healthy and adaptive. The more practice our dog will favor the inhibition of the bite, that is to say that learn to bite without hurting your playmate and we will prevent our dog from getting involved in dog fights.

If our dog learns to identify the proximity with other dogs with something pleasant we will keep his social skills in optimal conditions. This is not easy because for some owners it is intimidating to see their dog playing in a brusque way with another dog, the dog does not obey when other dogs are present or the dog tries to direct its game to humans.

If your dog has not had the opportunity to play with other dogs it is time to do it but be careful in choosing your playmate, find and inform yourself with your friends who has a dog that knows how to live with other dogs, ask to be invited to see how your dog behaves in the presence of others. If you feel confident, organize an appointment, give your dog the opportunity to interact with others of the same species and if you can not relax ask another member of your family to do the sessions for you.

Dogs perceive our energy: the more relaxed we are, the more they will trust us and the presence of other furry ones. Remember: if you do not feel confident do not do anything that you can regret and look for a canine behavior specialist near your area to help you socialize your dog with your kind. If we practice the game regularly among them, we will increase their confidence, improve their inter-species communication and keep their mouth soft.

Another tool that could be useful if you know that your dog and the other do not protect and protect their toys is to use two identical toys; string can be great because they spend hours pulling the toy and will be a way to introduce your dog with others of their kind. And do not forget, if your dog does not have the opportunity to live and play regularly with other dogs, his social skills will be less developed. Find the way to achieve coexistence in a safe and protected environment for them and for you.

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