The maintenance of your cat's claws

Posted on December 13 2018

The maintenance of your cat's claws

Essential element of your cat, his claws must be maintained regularly. They should never be removed, but must be cut to protect your feline. This can also be a way to limit endless scratches on your furniture and sofa. We explain to him to cut the claws is essential and how to proceed.

Claws, indispensable

In your cat, claws are precious . He can not live without. Indeed, they are not there only to make good weather or to make you from time to time badly. Its claws serve to defend , hunt , climb and mark its territory .

Your cat needs to make his claws . That is to say to use them for a lot of things essential to his well-being . Thanks to its claws, and its pads, it can deposit pheromones to mark its territory . Of course, this can be the case on your carpet, your furniture or even your sofa and your bedding . It's never nice , but you should never hit it for it. Scold him, but combining firmness and kindness.

Do not ever think of performing onyxectomy, which is simply removing its claws (see below). He will sink into depression . Because the claws are also a way for him to create social link with congeners . It is a vital need.

Why cut off his claws?

Although essential, the claws of your cat must not be longer than average. Your cat will be brought, daily, to do them . But the wear will be insufficient to affect their size. So, you will not miss out on some "clipping" claw sessions. Consider this as a helping hand to your cat . You just help him keep his claws , nothing more.

He cut the claws to a reasonable size allows for fewer surprises for your furniture and your bedding . If it's for your personal comfort, it's also for yours. Indeed, claws too long can represent a danger for your feline. They can prevent it from moving properly and with ease . It can also risk developing infections or incarnated claws . So you have to take action through a claw cutter that you can easily find at your vetor in a specialized store.

How to cut his claws?

The act is rather simple, provided that your cat knows how to keep quiet . Bring your claw cutter, and never a human nail clipper or scissors . Wait for the moment when your cat is as calm as possible . Do not disturb it during a game or activity .

Grab one of your paws and squeeze the pad between your thumb and forefinger to bring out the claw . Simply remove the translucent part of its claw, and never the pulp , well defined. It's about his nerves and his blood vessels . Moreover, it is for this reason that a claw cutter is essential because it includes a "buttoir" so as not to go too far in size. Then cut off all the nails of his paws.

If you have doubts about the technique to adopt , we advise you to get closer to your veterinarian . It will show you the gesture appropriate to cut safely .

You must not cut her claws every week. This act must be done once a month or once every two months.

Can you remove his claws?

No, the onychectomy is banned in France since 2004, following the European Convention on animal protection. Obviously, exceptions exist, especially if your veterinarian considers it essential for the health of your feline, to remove his claws. Otherwise, it is unnatural and it will only hurt your protect .

In summary

Your cat must have claws maintained. You have to cut him about once a month for his well-being and to prevent him from getting hurt. Never cut too far, so as not to reach the blood vessels and nerves. Your cat needs his claws to hunt, climb and mark his territory. Never think of taking them away. In any case, such a practice is prohibited in France since 2004.

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