The price of veterinary care

Posted on October 08 2018

The price of veterinary care

Regular consultations, unplanned medical interventions and illnesses are part of the obligations when adopting a dog. Monitoring and maintaining your health is important, but it comes at a cost. This differs enormously according to the care to be provided and the prices practiced by veterinarians, who are also extremely variable.

The veterinary costs can represent significant costs, especially when the dog falls ill or has an accident. The vagaries of life mean that the risk of seeing your pet require veterinary intervention or hospitalization is never to be ruled out.

Not to mention the regular visits to the specialist that allow, once or twice a year, to establish an overall assessment of the dog's health, to update his vaccines and to prevent certain diseases. All this is a significant budget that we are expected to predict.

Regular care

This is the initial and regular care that every dog ​​owner must take care of.

the first vaccines of the puppy , those against common canine diseases: hepatitis, parvovirosis, distemper, rabies ... These vaccinations cost up to € 70 and twice more during the first year, since they must be renewed.
deworm his dog  twice a year: this represents an average annual expenditure of € 20 .
the castration and sterilization cost respectively 120 to 200 € for males and 180 to 250 € for the female, if one does not wish to make worn by the animal.
the regular monitoring visits to the veterinarian , who must be performed to 2 times a year . The routine consultation is priced between 35 and 50 €.


Alas, and despite all the precautions that can be taken, the dog is never immune to an accident , whether domestic , sanitary or it occurs outside the house.

It can, for example, be hit by a car . The injuries that are caused can range from simple superficial wounds to multiple fractures with deep lesions. The light wounds , consisting disinfect and sew up wounds, cost around 100 to 150 € . The heavier ones , requiring x - rays and fracture treatment , can go up to several hundred euros.

It is also possible that a joint , muscle or bone injury occurs after a violent, prolonged or sudden movement following an improper exercise. The rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee is part of this type of risk, generating veterinary costs up to 1500 € .

Some breeds are more prone to specific health injuries, such as torsion of the stomach . The costs can then exceed 1500 € distributed between the emergency veterinary intervention (up to 100 €), the blood work (50 to 100 €), the surgical intervention and the hospitalization (more than 1000 €).

The risks of bites are not to be discarded either. They can be inflicted by another dog of the family or by a stray dog, potentially carrying disease, since not vaccinated. An anti-rabies vaccination is necessary then, costing around 70 € (consultation included).


Like humans, dogs are exposed to the risk of falling ill, occasionally or chronically.

The digestive system of the dog is often damaged, as are his skin, eyes, ears, heart and respiratory faculties , as well as his joints. These can be temporary problems, requiring a first consultation, taking a treatment, then one or more control visits.

It can also be a chronic disease or a serious condition, such as cancer . It is then necessary to count a hundred euros for the analysis in laboratory, then 1200 to 1500 € for the sessions of radiotherapy . The removal of a breast tumor costs, for its part, an average of 600 €.

Subscribe to insurance

The current and exceptional veterinary fees can therefore represent a huge budget. If the health of a pet, who is a family member in its own right, is invaluable , it is also important to keep your finances balanced .

To help you with this, you can subscribe to one of the health insurance or mutual health insurance for pets . They come in different forms and cover a variety of prevention costs, curative care and specific health expenses.

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