The senses of your dog

Posted on April 20 2018

The senses of your dog
Have you ever wondered how dogs perceive their environment? Is it true that they see in black and white? And his smell?

We believe that our pets have the same capabilities as us and that is not the case, for example: they remember through hearing and smell and we only need the sight to achieve it.

Do you want to know more about your dog's senses? 


His visual acuity is inferior to ours, which makes it difficult for him to distinguish the environment, focus and measure distances, although thanks to that his vision is more blurred and they are experts in identifying things in movement (that's why cars , cyclists and things in motion make them crazy)

Like us, not everyone sees the same, some races have better eyes than others. For example, the Golden Retriever has a great view while the Rottweiler is prone to myopia. You can also see in the dark. The pupil of a dog has a great capacity for dilation, which allows any type of light to stimulate your retina.

It is the sense that they have more developed. Did you know that they have between 150 to 300 million olfactory cells versus 5 million that we have? It is amazing the great variety of smells that dogs distinguish thanks to its Jacobson organ.

That's why dogs have been a great help in tracking down prey items, detecting drugs or explosives and finding them under the rubble.

It is much more sensitive to high frequency sounds, it perceives sounds up to 60,000 Hz compared to the 20,000 that we can. If you want to capture their attention, it is advisable to speak with a tone more acute than normal.

In terms of tact, dogs do not have it very developed, the tissue of their plantar pads does not allow them to have very precise sensations; they perceive heat and cold through the skin. It also has sensory hairs on the eyes, on the jaw and on the lips. that will be useful for them to orient themselves in the dark.

Although you do not have much information about it, you know that the sense of taste is not one of its strengths, what makes them enjoy food is smell. They manage to detect the sweet, the salty and the bitter, although not the same as us.

As dogs age, their senses become atrophied, they lose sight and hearing progressively, but what they always keep is their smell.

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