The ten main signs of canine heart disease

Posted on May 23 2018

The ten main signs of canine heart disease

When it comes to canine heart disease, early diagnosis and timely treatment can make all the crucial difference in your pet. It is necessary for parents of pets just like you to be familiar with the various signs of canine heart disease. This way you can bring any possible health problem to the attention of your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Symptoms of heart problems in dogs

1. The cough. This is a very frequent sign of many types of diseases in dogs, a canine heart disease being. Minor coughs rarely last more than three days. Yes, even after a few days, your dog still coughs or experiences other unusual symptoms, immediately seek veterinary attention.

2. The difficulty to breathe. They worked or rapid breathing, as well as the difficulty they breathe due to shortness of breath commonly indicate canine heart disease.

3. Loss of appetite. It is almost always a sign of something if your dog suddenly shows a lack of appetite. When it is accompanied with any other symptom that is on this list, it is possible that your dog has a heart problem.

4. Loss of weight / gain. It is usually an indicator of heart disease if your dog loses weight, although canine weight gain could be a sign too. More often than weight gain is a distended stomach or swelling that can give your dog a paunchy shape.

5. Weakness. Because weakness is generally seen as a sign of aging, make sure you have sought out the attention of your veterinarian if your dog's weakness goes with other unusual symptoms.

6. Restlessness. If your dog seems to be restless, especially during the night, it could be characterized as a symptom of canine heart disease.

7. Collapsing / fainting. If your dog collapses or faints at any time, consult your veterinarian immediately. It could be an indicator of various types of serious canine disease such as heart disease.

8. Edema or swelling of body tissues. If your dog has a problem in the heart, it often shows some type of abdominal swelling or limb.

9. Changes in behavior. When your dog suddenly tires more easily, becomes less playful, is reluctant to exercise or receive affection, becomes apparently depressed or withdrawn, it can be suggested that he is showing symptoms of canine heart disease.

10. Isolation. Once your dog begins to isolate, suddenly, keeping distance from you or other pets in your home, it is possible that such sudden loneliness is a symptom of heart disease.

Remember, these are just common symptoms. Sometimes, a dog that appears to be completely healthy, showing none of the signs, may be suffering from heart disease, while others are presented with many of these symptoms simply suffering from another health problem. Regular, proper veterinary care is vital to keep your dog healthy, live and love life.

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