The water needs of the cat

Posted on December 16 2018

The water needs of the cat

Water is the source of all life. Your cat is not an exception. His body is mostly composed of water. He must hydrate accordingly for different reasons. How much can he drink per day? Are there times when he has to drink more? What to do with a case of dehydration? Should he drink only water?

Water is essential to your cat. His needs are regulated by his activity, his body temperature , the outside temperature and his food . All these parameters determine the amount of water to be ingested daily. It can vary from day to day. Nevertheless, there must always be a minimum so that dehydration does not wait for him.

What is the water for?

As with humans, water allows your cat to regulate his body temperature . It thus maintains the proper functioning of all vital organs . It also allows your cat to better digest his food but also the good distribution of minerals in his body. Water intake is essential and helps fight against diseases that may occur in case of lack of water (diabetes, kidney failure for example).

How much to offer?

The bowl of water must be provided at all times. Your cat should drink whenever he wants. As a general rule, your cat drinks a quarter of a liter of water if it ingests 100 grams of food (it is 40 to 60 mL of water per kg of its weight). This is particularly the case for croquettes , which are dry and promote dehydration . If it is fed with mash, the food itself is already a supply of water.

It is not easy to accurately calculate the amount of water your cat has ingested. Nevertheless, you must have the eye on his bowl.

External factors inevitably play on its consumption of water. So, if it's very hot , your cat will have to drink more. At times, water consumption can double or even triple. This is particularly the case after a major physical exercise or breastfeeding in the cat.

A quality to preserve

The water must be clean in order to be safely consumed . In principle, tap water is not a problem unless the presence of limestone is too great. In this case, bottled water is suitable. Be careful, remember to clean the bowl of water of your cat. There is no point in using clean water in a dirty container. This will only increase the risks of illness such as giradiase.

In addition, we advise you to use fresh water when the outside temperatures are warm, and a more temperate water in winter.

How to check that his cat drinks enough?

The crease test verifies that your cat does not suffer from dehydration. In reality, you check the elasticity of your skin . Grab it by the skin of the neck. When you release it, the skin must return to its original position . If this is not the case, then your cat does not drink enough water. In case of dehydration, you must consult very quickly your veterinarian.

What if he refuses to drink?

There are several reasons for refusing to drink in your cat. The latter may not appreciate the water offered. He prefers to drink directly at the tap . His bowl of water does not satisfy him. In the latter case, it is advisable to change and opt for a transparent bowl. Do not hesitate to change the water more regularly to encourage your feline to taste it.

Can he drink anything other than water?

No. Water is the only drink necessary and vital for your cat. Contrary to what one might think, milk should be avoided once weaning is done. While some cats may well digest it, a majority of them are either allergic to milk protein or lactose intolerant. In fact, milk can be a dangerous drink for your cat.

In summary

Your choice should drink about 40 to 60 mL per kilogram per day. That's about a quarter of a liter of water for a 5-kilo cat. Water is essential and its contribution should not be underestimated. It guarantees the proper functioning of the feline organs as well as the distribution of mineral salts. The slightest dehydration can seriously damage the body, deteriorate it. Water must be available continuously.

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