The weaning of the kitten: how to manage the food transition?

Posted on December 12 2018

The weaning of the kitten: how to manage the food transition?

Weaning your kitten is the first important step in your future cat life. In fact, a successful weaning is a guarantee of a more serene life afterwards. Conversely, missed weaning can have consequences, both for the physical and mental health of your little protege. It is therefore necessary to succeed this transition to perfection. Our advices.

Weaning your kitten is not a step to take lightly. You have to respect a very specific order of things to do. Weaning your young companion too early can have serious consequences for your health. It could also be disturbed.

Weaning, when and for how long?

Never start weaning before the third or even the fourth week . Weaning is the time when your kitten begins to take on independence . It is also the moment when your cat does not breastfeed enough and must be preserved so as not to exhaust itself unnecessarily. It will also produce less milk, your kitten will feel it and have more nutritional needs . So you have to answer it.

Since birth, your kitten feeds exclusively on the breasts of his mother. The latter, beyond teaching him to eat, takes care of it perfectly. From this mother-kitten relationship will flow the character of your future cat. It is therefore important to let this link continue. Then, starting from the fourth week, you will have to take the relay by proposing to your new companion a milk formula accompanied, especially kibble specific for kitten . Weaning usually lasts 4 weeks , which will lead your little feline to 8 weeks of life. It is also forbidden to sell a kitten less than 8 weeks old. Everything is explained.

What diet for weaning?

As seen above, your kitten will have to replace her breast milk with kibblesspecially designed for kitten. They give it all the nutrients essential to its good quality of life. Note that these croquettes are also given to the cat that can recover a little faster from breastfeeding.

Initially, you must moisten the kibble with breast milk still available. Then, as and when, croquettes lose their moistened appearance. The goal is that at 8 weeks of age, your kitten can feed exclusively on kibbles designed for him. These are rich in energy, balanced in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

What pace of meals?

During the whole period of weaning, and even after, your kitten must benefit from 3 to 5 meals a day. However, at the very beginning, the portions will be quite small, the time to get used to the digestive system of your pet. Each time, he must be able to feed next to a good bowl of water . Indeed, your protégé must learn to hydrate well to avoid any type of calculation or urinary disorders.

Check the weight of your kitten

During the whole weaning period, and even beyond, you must check the weight of your kitten very regularly . The latter must always grow. The slightest stagnation of its weight, or even regression, is the sign of a worry in the body of your feline or when it does not have access to enough food.

And the relationship with his mother?

Attention, who says weaning does not have to say separation with his mother. Your kitten needs her mother until her 2 months of life . Weaning is simply a time when, little by little, your protégé will take his independence before finally breaking ties. Previously, your cat will have a specific goal: to give an education to his little one . She teaches him many things that will serve him all his life, and that will also make life easier when you try to educate your cat. Avoid any sudden separation.

A digestive concern appears?

Your kitten may have some diarrhea during weaning, proof that its digestive system works, but does not integrate all foods. If you are worried about this situation, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

In summary

Weaning is an important moment in your kitten's life. It is from here that he will begin to gain independence, both physically and nutritionally from his mother. This transition must take place in the sweetness, from the fourth week, and must end in the eighth.

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