This is why your dog does not remember why you scold him

Posted on April 11 2018

This is why your dog does not remember why you scold him

According to a new study, animals do not remember specific events, but rather retain useful information that can help them survive.

Dogs forget an event in two minutes, TWO minutes.

Hence when you return from work and your dog pee in the room, it does not serve much to scold him because he does not even know what you mean and what is better, he will not remember your scolding in two minutes.

This is a double-edged sword, it makes training more difficult because any correction must be immediate, but at the same time it is just what makes dogs so incredible, that no matter that you have scolded them, in two minutes they forgot it and They want your love. Compared to a human, or even worse, a teenager who would stop talking to you for two weeks for asking him to wash his pants. This was known thanks to a study in which they observed 25 species , from pigeons to dolphins and realized that the average short-term memory of the animals is 27 seconds.

The experiment began when they made the animals look at a stimulus, a red dot. This point disappears and after a while the animal will see two stimuli, one is the same as the first and the second is a black box.

The animal is rewarded if it chooses the same stimulus the second time, instead of choosing the black box.

The study showed that animals have different memory systems, one that is responsible for short-term memory and another for specialized memory. The first is that in which everything they capture disappears almost immediately.

The specialized memory , on the other hand, only captures certain types of information are those who hold for a long time. For example, a dog does not forget where he buried his bones but he did pee on your shoe.

This is apparently a common feature in all animals, except humans.

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