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Thoughts on dog's ringworm

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Posted on October 08 2018

Ringworm is a common form of fungal infection that can affect many animals. Man is not immune to transmission either. The affected dog must be treated quickly, just like his environment.

Affection of the skin caused by fungi , ringworm can reach a variety of mammals, including the dog . It is a contagious disease that can be transmitted to other animals and even to humans. The problem must therefore be tackled as quickly and as efficiently as possible to prevent its spread and to preserve the well-being of the dog. The medical solutions against the dog's ringworm, also called dermatophytosis , give today excellent results.

What is ringworm? How can it be transmitted to the dog and his entourage?

The dog's ringworm is a fungal infection , which means that this skin condition is caused by fungi. It may be Microsporum canis, Trichophyton mentagrophytes or Mycrosporum gypseum.

These fungi like parts of the body made of keratin , such as dander (hair and nails) and horny areas of the skin. As they develop, they promote the formation of spores that are then scattered throughout the dog's coat, as well as in its habitat.

The dog's ringworm can then be transmitted to other animals in the house, but also to humans. In the latter case, intense itching may be felt, accompanied by circular areas of red inflammation surrounding the lesions. Contamination of the dog's ringworm can occur as a result of direct contact with the dog or its environment.

How does the dog's ringworm manifest itself?

If ringworm is likely to cause severe pruritus (itching) in humans, this is not the case in the affected dog. On the other hand, this one presents several other characteristic signs of this mycosis.

Its hair can become dull , fragile, with the appearance of crusts at its base. The latter often come off, leaving parts of the skin devoid of hair . Affected areas can expand and the first lesions can heal on their own, depending on the case.

How is ringworm diagnosed? Can we treat it?

When one of these signs is observed in a dog and is therefore suspected the occurrence of ringworm, it is recommended to take his animal as soon as possible to the veterinarian for it to carry out the examinations and put in place the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

To establish a diagnosis , the veterinarian can either use Wood's lamp , which diffuses ultraviolet light to detect fungi, or take dog's hair for microscopic examination to identify spores or fungi. It can also perform a culture to identify them accurately.

In most cases, ringworm is treated effectively. The care generally consists of combining a topical treatment , in the form of a lotion to be applied to the body of the dog, and another oral treatment (an antifungal drug among the azoles, for example).

At the same time, the dog 's environment must be treated to eliminate any spores that may be present. People who are called upon to handle it should systematically disinfect their hands for the duration of the treatment, which can range from one to six months.

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