Tips for anxiety in dogs by separation

Posted on March 30 2018

Tips for anxiety in dogs by separation

The separation anxiety is the behavior that presents your dog at the time of staying home alone. It is important to detect this type of anxiety and take the appropriate recommendations, so as not to make it a serious problem of coexistence.

What are the most common "symptoms"?

  • Barking or howling just when you start to leave home and even during the day. 
  • Make your needs anywhere in the house. 
  • Break or destroy totally objects that are in the house. 
  • Choose personal objects of the owner to break them or simply have them with them.

Tips to reduce the signs and help your dog to adapt to stay alone at home:

  • Establish a specific space for your dog, and make him feel comfortable while you are not at home. 
  • Make sure your dog has enough physical activity and that he has done his business before you leave. 
  • Reward your dog every time he shows calm behavior. You can teach him basic commands like "quiet" and reward him every time he does.
  • Look for interactive toys for your dog, so it will stay busy when you are not ..
  • Make your exits in a calm way. When you go out, say "goodbye", but do not look for more physical contact. 
  • If your dog has destructive behaviors, DO NOT punish him, just let him know it was wrong. 
  • You can also support yourself with products that help to calm the anxiety: Emotional Recovery (drops), Adaptil (necklace, spray & diffuser), or Relaxing Prizes.

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