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Tips for being a responsible dog owner

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Posted on July 22 2018

Have you ever wondered if you are the responsible owner that your furry deserves to have?

Being a responsible owner involves more than just feeding him every day.

Check the checklist to see if you have everything a dog needs. Likewise, if you are not sure how well you care for your dog, we suggest you take this test to give you an automatic rating on how good you are.

This time I leave some tips and suggestions that can help you be a more responsible owner or what you should consider before the arrival of a furry to your home:

Pancho and the Doggie Door team always recommend considering the adoption of dogs when looking for a new friend, before adopting consider these points:

- Do you have other pets? How will the arrival of your new furry affect your home?

- Do you have enough free time to dedicate to your new pet?

- Is your home conditioned to receive a new member?

- Are you planning to go on vacation soon? What are the plans for your hairy?

- Are there any allergies in your family?

- Who will be responsible for the needs of your dog?

Other important considerations for adopting a pet are size, age and breed. There are some dogs that can be very calm, while others are energetic and love physical activity.

Being a responsible owner means not adding a hairy member to your family if you can not give them time, love and attention to their needs.


For your hairy to be healthy and happy you must invest in it and that way the stay in your home is the best possible. There are certain things that should be counted and expenses that we must consider, some mandatory and others that are optional but recommended:

- Dog food suitable for your breed, age and state of health

- Veterinary check-ups , at least take your hairy once a year. It is very important that your dog has the following vaccines:




Rabies is a very serious disease, caused by a virus, that attacks the dog's nervous system.


Parvovirus is one of the most frequent contagious diseases in dogs, it affects the digestive tract and the cardiac muscle in very young puppies.


Dog influenza is a contagious canine respiratory disease caused by an influenza A virus called "canine influenza virus."

Canine hepatitis

It is a disease caused by a virus specifically by the canine adenovirus type I.

Canine coronavirus

It is a Disease contagious infectious viral ad acute course caused by a coronavirus that affects dogs of all ages, but mostly puppies


It is a very contagious disease and one of the most lethal for dogs, it affects the digestive and respiratory system, in very advanced cases it affects the nervous system.


It is a bacterial disease of dogs that can have very serious consequences in pets and that, in addition, can spread to people

Internal deworming

Dogs can have intestinal parasites that damage their intestines, kidneys or liver, in addition, these internal parasites can affect people who live with the dog.

External deworming

The fleas and ticks are a headache for our dog, especially if your pet makes life on the outside, and at certain times of the year, this risk may increase.

Identification , make sure your hairy has the correct identification so it does not get lost

To make your puppy feel safe and happy at home or on a walk:

When you finally find your ideal partner, it is important that you buy some things to make you feel at home. Remember that these items will depend on their size, so be sure to identify their size (usually small, medium, and large).

- Food.

- Bowl of food. There are many varieties depending on the size of your dog and its needs.

- Bowl water . It is important to use separate bowls for your hairy water and food.

- Strap It is important to have a leash that fits the needs of your dog when going for a walk.

- Collar . Do not forget to put your identification tag!

- Prizes to train your puppy . Try to recognize your furry with some kind of prize or carnaza, you will be very happy!

- Beds / rugs. It is important to look for the comfort and comfort of your dog, there are many types of beds and special mats for your needs.

- Toys . There are many types of toys. From stuffed animals, toys to bite, toys with prizes ...

- Transportadora. Thinking of traveling with your dog? you need a conveyor that facilitates your transport and ensures your comfort and safety.

- Casita Give your hairy a good place to rest. Keep in mind your final size and how long you will be in the garden.

- Shampoo. Take care of the aesthetics and hygiene of your dog with the shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to maintain beauty and shine your fur.

- Brush It is important to periodically brush your furry depending on your breed, always using a brush that is suited to your needs.

- Disinfectants . Keep your environment and that of your puppy clean and free of odors.

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