Tips for playing with your dog indoors

Posted on October 08 2018

Tips for playing with your dog indoors

When the weather prevents you from offering trips as long as usual, you can compensate for these gaps by indoor games. These are also recommended, even when your pet enjoys significant walks. They contribute, indeed, to its well-being and its development.

Play is essential for the dog, physically ,  psychically and emotionally . It contributes to the balance of the animal, uses his intelligence, promotes his learning, allows him to fight stress and boredom. At the same time, he helps strengthen his muscles and his skeleton, improves coordination and stimulates his senses.

When the weather is bad, you have to reduce walking time and physical activity of the dog outdoors  (but never remove them), indoor games can complete these activities and occupy it in a fun way . They do not require big expenses. Often, your only presence and some accessories can compose fun and stimulating exercises for the dog.

Some tips before you start

Before playing, keep these basic rules in mind:

  • the game must remain a pleasure , both for you and your dog, and it must always be associated with positive feelings . Each dog is progressing at his own pace. It would be useless to wait for improvements in the immediate future.
  • give him time to assimilate the exercises. Increase the difficulty gradually , but do not burn the steps.
  • think of rewarding him systematically by congratulating him and offering him treats and caresses.

The treats , precisely, should not turn into excessive treats that could promote overweight. For example, you can reserve a portion of your usual kibble meal for games so you do not exceed your daily food portions.

  • do not overload your dog with exercises, he may be confused and stressed. Instead, choose games based on one exercise at a time and do not make them last too long to keep you from getting tired.
  • indoor games should not be used as a substitute for walks. These are essential and there is no question of removing them.

Develop your flair by encouraging it to detect objects

Dogs love to search for buried items, especially if they smell food. Take the opportunity to offer games of research and detection at home. For example, hide a croquette in one of 10 socks, then place them around while sitting. He will be happy to find the treat and will be even more proud when you congratulate him .

In another version, you can hide a kibble under a cup of 3 and mix these before asking him to find it. A kind of beanie for dogs. Trust his intelligence, his curiosity and his infallible flair. They will eventually guide him to the solution.

To play hide and seek

This game is part of the basic exercises offered to puppies destined to become search and rescue dogs. It helps to stimulate the dog's desire to find a hidden person by associating it with a positive experience.

For this, simply play hide and seek  in a room of the house. Ask him to remain seated and do not move , then show him a cake or a biscuit. Then go to another room and hide, then call it.

Your call and the smell of candy will push him to find you quickly. The first few times, do not hesitate to help him by calling him several times to help and guide him. You can then do the same thing by replacing the food with his favorite toy, which you will give him by congratulating him as soon as he locates you.

The tunnel of chairs

Start by placing a chair in front of your dog, before ordering him to lie down and not to move. Go to the other side of the chair and ask him to join you by guiding and encouraging him. Offer him a treat when he succeeds. Gradually add a chair, then several others, to form a kind of tunnel under which he will learn to crawl to join you.

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