Tips for playing with your dog outdoors

Posted on October 08 2018

Tips for playing with your dog outdoors

When the weather permits, outdoor games are special moments for both the dog and you. If they do not require large means, the benefits to be drawn are many.

If daily walks (or even twice daily) are essential for the health of all dogs , they are not enough to ensure physical, psychological and emotional balance . Your dog also needs to play, regardless of his age. Outdoor games allow him to work his muscles, to activate all the functions of his organism, to improve his coordination and to stimulate his intelligence. At the same time, these outdoor activities reinforce your links.

To all these benefits is added the pleasure of evolving freely and in the open air . The exercises to be proposed to him must be adapted to his morphology and his capacities. The most important thing is that your dog has fun and you share moments of joy and complicity.

Some precautions to take in public places

Not all dog owners are lucky enough to have a large garden . Although there are many indoor activities to do with your dog , activities at the beach , in the forest or in a park are highly recommended to provide maximum freedom to the animal.

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to ensure that the public place chosen is  allowed to the dogs and that it can evolve there without leash . Your dog must also obey your orders, especially the reminder , to avoid incidents with other animals or people he may meet there.

Remember to bring your bowl and a bottle of water so that it can drink at any time, especially if the chosen location is far from home.

To play hide and seek

The game of hide and seek is a great way to develop your flair and analytical skills . For the youngest dogs, it also has the advantage of reinforcing your landmark status in his mind, since he will systematically look for you and be in relation to you during the next outings.

To do this, throw him an object (not too far) and take the opportunity to hide behind a tree . You must be able to see it constantly to intervene when needed. Let him look for you and make it easier for him to call him if he has difficulties. Praise him warmly as soon as he joins you.

Find a hidden object

For this game, your dog must have acquired the basic commands , such as "sitting" and "not moving". Order him to remain motionless, show him the object you are about to hide and move away under his gaze. Roughly hide the toy and ask him to pick it up, not forgetting to reward him.

You can then gradually increase the difficulty of the game by finding more elaborate hiding places. This allows in addition to revise the basic orders.

Play Frisbee

Dogs love to catch and bring back Frisbees . Their floating trajectories give them time to adjust their course and they appreciate being able to capture them in full flight.

Moreover, there are competitions of Frisbee Dog during which extremely spectacular figures are realized. Of course, it is best that you first practice frisbee throwing so that its flight path is smooth and the object glides smoothly.

The first few times, launch the disc over short distances . You can then launch it a little further . The dog will retrieve it from the ground, then learn to intercept it in the air.

Crossing obstacles

Mounds of earth, rocks, benches and small streams are all obstacles that can be found in forests or large parks and that your dog will be happy to cross.

There is nothing more natural for a dog than to run and jump to make your way. These concatenations of elements to tame or bypass greatly improve the coordination of the animal, while giving him the opportunity to gain confidence . Do not hesitate to go through these obstacles yourself so that he follows you.

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