Tips for traveling with your pet

Posted on March 29 2018

Tips for traveling with your pet

Enjoy a Pet Friendly trip ! If you want to go on vacation with your pet, you should take into account the following: transportation, lodging, travel accessories and places you can visit with your pet. 

What do I do if I travel with my pet?

  1. Put your ID tag: Our pets should always carry an identification with their name and owner's information. 
  2. Visit to the veterinarian: Before traveling, it is recommended that you take it to the veterinarian, so that he can place all the necessary vaccines. 
  3. Investigate the means of transport : You must confirm that pets are allowed to be transported to the means of transport you are going to use. In case you are going to travel in your own car, take into account the care you should have. 
  4. Take tranquilizers: No matter the means of transport, it is advisable to give tranquilizers so that your pet can go much more relaxed. 
  5. Prepare your suitcase: Yes! They also carry travel items. Do not forget to pack food, favorite toy, cage and leash. Also, there are more specific travel items such as camitas, drinkers or portable saucers, harnesses or car seats. 
  6. Locate Pet Friendly places: It is super important that you check all the Pet Friendly places that exist in the destination to which you are going to travel.

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