Tips for walking your dog

Posted on April 19 2018

Tips for walking your dog

Has it happened to you that taking your dog for a walk passes from a relaxed moment to a madness? Does your dog also pull you with the leash and is it difficult to control it? Does he end up deciding where to go? On this occasion, we will give you some simple tips for your walks are unique and relaxing.

Take the strap correctly
It is important that you take it in a short way, because this way you will have a margin to correct unwanted behavior and prevent your pet from pulling it. It is not a matter of strength (if that were so, they would almost always have an advantage).

Instead, with a long strap what happens is that when the dog pulls, you will force to stop creating resistance, this will intensify unwanted behavior. The dog can not go in front of you controlling the situation.

Correct to prevent
You must be aware of the body language of your dog to correct these bad behaviors. How are you going to correct it? Pull the strap towards your body, once the action has been corrected, relax the body. Remember that the dog should concentrate on his task (which is to walk and enjoy the moment) when distracted, correct it. It is better to prevent unwanted behavior.

You must be willing
It should be noted that the walk should not be taken lightly, you should have a time for your pet, at least once a day. Keeping it active will help your mental and physical health.

Reward him
You must recognize and reward those good behaviors. For example, you can feed him when he returns from his walk; He will understand that because of his good behavior, he has earned his food, you can still take rewards during your trip to reward him.

Before and after
Leadership before leaving home is basic, you should know that you send; open the door without the dog interfering and push it back if necessary. When you are calm, the walk begins.

Identification plate
Do not forget that your necklace with an ID tag is important in case you get lost.

When you leave the house, remember that it is necessary to carry bags to collect the waste of your four-legged friend. Now, to enjoy the walks.

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