Tips to get your dog used to wearing the muzzle

Posted on November 15 2018

Tips to get your dog used to wearing the muzzle

Wearing the muzzle is not a natural act for the dog. Nor is it a pleasant experience for him. However, this is a necessary measure, even mandatory in some cases. How to accustom your dog to wear it?

Wearing a muzzle is not very pleasing to the dog, nor to his owner, but it may be required in various types of situations, including under the law . Some breeds of dogs must, in fact, be permanently equipped in public places . Others have to wear it under given circumstances, such as during visits to the veterinarian , for example. To familiarize your 4-legged companion with the muzzle, there is a simple exercise to repeat.

In which cases is wearing the muzzle necessary?

In public transport and public places (in parks, in the street ...), the wearing of muzzle may be mandatory . The purpose of this measure is, of course, to prevent accidents involving dog bites .

For the so-called "dangerous", classified in categories 1 and 2 , the wearing of muzzle is imposed by law. These are American Staffordshire Terrier , Tosa , Rottweiler , among others. In some cases, wearing the muzzle is dictated by practical and safety considerations , such as at the vet. To be able to cure the animal without the risk of being bitten by the latter, it is better to accustom your dog to have the muzzle muzzled.

Which model to choose for my dog?

There are several models of muzzles on the market. They are of different shapes and made in various materials. Leather muzzle is quite common. They allow dogs to open their mouths and breathe well. However, do not leave it for a long time (a maximum of 3 hours).

Those made of metal , which in fact look like small cages, offer greater freedom of movement to the mouth of the dog while providing a good level of safety. Her owner can even give her treats or drink it through the grill.

As for the nylon muzzle , it leaves only a small opening space to the mouth and should be used for a short time . Whichever muzzle model you choose, it is important to choose sizes that are big enough to let the dog breathe properly. It is worth remembering that this one can regulate his body temperature only through his jaws.

Exercise and some treats to get him used to wearing it

As with any learning , it is best to start when the dog is still young . The recommended age for this exercise is 6 months .

The first step is to place a treat inside the muzzle to encourage him to dive in the truffle. In a sitting position facing the dog, in a calm environment, we present him the muzzle with the candy inside and we bring it closer to his mouth to encourage him to look for it .

The next step is to do the same thing, but by passing the ties of the muzzle behind the dog's head, but without attaching them .

Then, after several repetitions, we can attach the muzzle for a few seconds . We must not forget to congratulate him and give him a treat through the muzzle when he runs. Once it is in place, it is advisable to exercise for a few minutes: a game, a few steps, a small race ... The goal is to divert his attention from the muzzle and get used to carry her.

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