Tips to Prevent My Dog from Vomiting in the Car

Posted on April 23 2018

Tips to Prevent My Dog from Vomiting in the Car

Do not make your pet's trips become a hell, the fact that your dog vomits before getting on the car can be for several reasons, do not scold him, use him not to associate him with something bad, such as when We take it to the vet.


Dizziness is common in dogs that travel, more when they are young. To help your pet you have to understand what is the reason why our dog vomits, this can be due to a physical response to movement or anxiety.

Physical response to movement
Dizziness is caused by a disagreement between the sight and the inner ear, center of balance; The younger the dog is, the more sensitive it will be to imbalance.

Physical response to anxiety
This happens because of the lack of experience of the dog to walk in car or when associated with going to unpleasant places. It is because no one educated the puppy dog ​​to travel by car so when you first climb the car will be nervous.

How to prevent my dog ​​from vomiting in the car

If a puppy vomits shortly after his first car trip, this will mark him causing him to have some apprehension to get into the car as it will remind him of unpleasant sensations being more prone to vomit.

Most of the time it is not clear to identify which of the two causes happens to your pet. One tip is that you never give your dog medicine for humans since you could harm it better. Take it to the veterinarian to be medicated.

Some of the signs of anxiety dizziness are excessive drooling, panting, licking lips, restlessness, anxiety, trembling, retching, and vomiting.

To help reduce anxiety in your pet you just have to help him to have a positive association when traveling by car. You must have a lot of patience, it will be a long procedure, according to the character of your dog.

The dog should feel at ease with the stopped car. You can raise and lower the dog several times until it calms down so you can notice that nothing bad is happening inside the car.

You can do it that you think is a game by opening the back doors, subject to your canine with the strap entering the car without looking back. Try going out the other door and if the dog does not follow you do not force it, but keep trying to get out the other side. If you follow praise it and exit through the other door. Run back to the other door and repeat the exercise until the dog tries to move forward.

Start the engine of the car with the dog relaxed inside you can get it if you feed your pet in the car for a few days, while the engine is ripped and there is no movement. Show him that even when the car makes noise there is no danger.

Small rides in the car
The routes should be short and not last more than two minutes. Drive slowly and without sudden turns, as the dog must assimilate that nothing bad happens. During these walks try to take him to nice places like the park.

If you see that the dog is very nervous at first ask another person to drive while you feel calm with your pet. Little by little you can drive and lengthen the time of the car ride.

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