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Tips to prevent obesity in your dog

Tips to prevent obesity in your dog

One of the most important factors for the care of your pet, is a good diet, to improve your pet's lifestyle and prevent diseases such as obesity. Generally, you must feed them according to their growth stage . However, it is advisable to observe and meet your pet to meet their needs. 

Here are some tips to prevent obesity in your dog :

1. Balanced feeding. Find the right food for your pet. Currently, there are hundreds of 100% natural food brands that provide great benefits to your pet.
2. Determine meal times . The most advisable thing is to feed it twice a day. Be constant and do not let exceed the established schedules.
3. Keep it active . Do not let him have a sedentary life. It is important that you do physical activities outdoors and fill it with energy.
4. Move it away from the kitchen. When you are preparing the food, do not let it be close. Smelling and tasting only leaves them feeling that they will eat soon.

5. Do not share your food. We know it's hard not to fall for that tender look, but, for your health, avoid giving your food every time you sit down to eat.
6. Avoid filling it with prizes. The prizes are used to reward your pet in training or good behaviors. You should not give them to them for no reason, nor make them a habit.
7. Dedicate time . Try to play or go for a walk when you get home, many times they fall into depression to be all day at home and that causes anxiety to eat more.

Take care of your pet and fill it with love. 

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