Tips to run with your dog

Posted on April 16 2018

Tips to run with your dog

One of the activities that can help you and your dog become better friends is that they exercise together. In fact, there are studies that prove that exercising with a friend increases the chances of being more motivated and of not abandoning the training after two days. And what better friend than one who does not complain, always wants to go and also enjoys it more than you?

Today the trend of running continues to rise, there are 5 and 10k races every weekend in all cities and the people who run them are of all ages. Running is a democratic sport, a sport that everyone, humans and dogs can enjoy. And the best, does not require more than a tennis, a leash and a route.

Here are some tips so you can enjoy more all the races that run next to your dog:

1,Know your dog. There are sports dogs but there are also lap dogs. There are races designed to run and others that by their nature not only do not enjoy it but it is bad for their health (such as pugs or bulldogs that have difficulty breathing). You better than anyone else know if your dog will be a good companion to run and if it will hold a marathon or just a couple of laps around the block.

2,Step by Step. Whenever we decide to start exercising we want to eat the world and run a half marathon on the first day of training. This is not recommended for you or your dog. In order to develop a healthy routine, you have to do it little by little and that way you will be able to have more opportunities to know better the limits of you and your dog and they will be able to overcome them day after day.

3,Watch your legs. You because you have incredible tennis shoes that protect you from almost everything, but your dog does not. His prints, although resistant, are not invincible. Be careful with the surfaces on which you run together so that your fingerprints do not get hurt with glass, stones or anything else you may have thrown on the street. If you see that he starts limping, check his legs to make sure everything is fine. You can also clean your fingerprints with a wet wipe at the end to prevent something from getting between your fingers.

4,Stay hydrated. Does running make you thirsty? Well, your dog too. Whenever you are going to run make sure to give water before and after the race and if you plan to run long distances, try to take a little water so you do not drink from the dirty puddles found on the sidewalks.

5,Clean your poop. Yes yes, one of the advantages of running is that it just helps digestion. This is especially true in the case of dogs. So always carry plastic bags with you to collect your poop and if you see that you feel like going while running, leave it. Nothing worse than going running with the desire to go to the bathroom and not let you go.

6,The importance of the strap. No matter how polite your dog is, we recommend that you always run on a leash. This is the only way to be in control of your dog at all times and to make sure you keep your pace. Do not use retractable straps because they can leave a lot of space between you and your dog and they can become entangled.

7,Pay attention to what your dog tells you. You know your dog, if you see him tired, limping, panting more or tired in general, pay attention to him, slow down and give him time to recover.

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