Tips to take care of your dog when it's hot

Posted on July 31 2018

Tips to take care of your dog when it's hot

The summer heat has already started! We all like it when the heat starts but too much heat can hurt your furry friend. Take into account these tips to ensure that your furry friend and you enjoy the heat this summer without consequences to the health of your dog:

  1. Keep your furry friend hydrated. It is important that your dog drink plenty of water when it is hot, especially if he spends a lot of time playing or running outside. When it's hot, try watering your dog every thirty minutes. For the same reason, whenever you are on the street when it is hot remember to bring plates to travel so that your dog can drink water or eat on the road.
  2. Take care of your hairy friend from ultraviolet rays. Dogs are also susceptible to the sun's rays and can burn, especially dogs that have light colored hair. Try to have your dog wear a hat or a sunshade to protect it from the sun.
  3. Take breaks when it's too hot. Normally when more than 30 degrees you have to be careful when your dog is playing or exercising outside, do not let him run more than 30 minutes if it is so hot that it does not hurt him. In fact, it is better to just walk or jog in the morning or at night when it is not so hot in these times. Remember that if your dog begins to have difficulty breathing, you should take a break immediately and give water because it may be overheating and may become sick.
  4. Your furry friend is more likely to have problems with parasites in the hot season. Heartworm disease, fleas and ticks are more common in hot weather and it is better to protect your furry to avoid problems. Consult your veterinarian so that your dog is protected and also see what options you have so your dog does not get sick this season.

Summer is a fun season to spend with your furry friend. However, take precautions to ensure that the heat does not affect your dog.

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