Tips to take your pet to the beach

Posted on March 29 2018

Tips to take your pet to the beach
Beach adventure with your pet! Before you travel, check out these tips to care for your pet on the beach:
  • Locate a Pet Friendly Beach: Always research that the beach you go to accept pets. Also, try to take your vaccination card, many times for safety they come to ask for it.
  • Keep an eye on their tastes: Consider that not all dogs like to swim or sand. If you feel uncomfortable with your puppy, it is best to leave the place.
  • Put sunscreen on: Look for a sunscreen cream especially for pets. Apply on the nose, ears and legs.
    • Avoid heat stroke: Make sure you provide enough water and shade for your puppy. Try to bring an umbrella, drinker and food. 
    • Protect your pads. Many times the contact with sand and salt water, can cause irritations and infections. 
    • Beware of fleas and ticks. Protect your dog with an anti flea and tick necklace. Check it every day to make sure your dog is free of discomfort.

    • No ice water: If your puppy suffers from arthritis or bone disease, swimming in ice water can cause problems. 
    • Avoid taking salt water: Yes, it's a great challenge! But, it is necessary that you keep it out of that temptation. Also, prevent him from eating sand. 
    • Carries a toy . The perfect setting for you and your pet, have a fun-filled day.

    • Identify your pet: Never forget to put identification plate with your personal data. 
    • Respect the beach and people. Remember to carry bags to collect the feces they can make in the sand.
    • Love your pet: After the beach, we recommend that you give your puppy a full bath to avoid any type of infection.

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