Tips to teach your dog to swim

Posted on May 21 2018

Tips to teach your dog to swim

Many people think that by instinct all dogs know how to swim and that is not true. It all depends on your furry breed since there are dogs that do not like to swim or that have a hard time doing it. This time I leave some tips on how to teach your dog to swim if you want to go on a trip with him or your hairy is prepared in case of any flood in your colony.

For starters, if your hairy is one of these breeds you do not have to worry because they are very good swimming by nature: Labrador, Schipperke, Newfoundland, Irish Setter, English Setter, Poodle, Golden Retriever, American Spaniel, Chihuahua, (among others ). In case it is not, take into account these tips since he is a puppy so you do not have problems when you need or want to swim (especially if it is a Bulldog, Dachshund, Boxer or Pug).

  • Start with a small body of water: The first time you put your dog in the water, better do it in a tub or in a pool. If your dog sees that the water has a lot of current (sea, river or large lake) he will probably panic and do not want to get involved. The most important thing is that your hairy begins to have confidence in the water.
  • Do not force him into the water: Do not push or drag your furry to the water. The best way to teach him to have confidence is to let him decide when to do it on his own. Let him do it little by little - he smells the water and has the confidence to get involved.
  • Motivate them to get into the water with a toy or with prizes : A very good way to convince them to get into the water is using dog toys that float . And even better and more motivating if it is a toy that floats and that can have prizes inside. This will undoubtedly help your dog lose his fear and dare to get into the water.
  • For safety use a lifeguard for dog : Some breeds that have small legs may have problems when swimming so to avoid any problem with your furry the ideal is to have a lifesaver and float next to you in the water while learning to float by the same. The lifebuoy will help you to float, but that does not mean that your dog is not going to exercise in the water. With everything and lifeguards will have to move the paws to move.
  • Give the example: Many people take their dog to the water and stay outside walking while waiting for their dog to swim. Remember that the hairy ones, seeing humans as leaders, try to follow their example and instructions. If the note that you enjoy the water will help you feel confident to mess with you and learn to swim.
  • Put your dog with you if you are a small breed: Small dogs are usually afraid and anxious to enter the water. One way to help him lose the fear of getting into the water is to do it with you. For that you can carry it in your hands over the water or use a backpack for a dog to load it and that little by little you will be in the water with you until you lose your fear completely.
  • Be patient: Most dogs will eventually enjoy going into the water and swimming but there are some that may take a little longer to start jumping into the water, there are also others that do not cost anything to blow the first time.
  • If your hairy is afraid, be patient and follow these tips little by little until you lose your fear. Remember that for small breeds or with flat noses the ideal is always to use a life preserver because it may be difficult for them to float.

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