Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Running Lovers

Posted on September 19 2018

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Running Lovers

Most dogs love to run—some more than others, and not all for long distances. If you’re searching for a perfect running partner, what kind of dog should you pick?Some breeds, such as huskies and greyhounds, were bred to run, and most working dogs are naturally suited to running. By contrast, squishy-nosed dogs, such as pugs and bulldogs, don’t make good distance athletes because they’re prone to overheating. If you want to go long, run in the snow, or hit technical trails, some breeds definitely rise to the top. Here is the Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Running Lovers.

Labrador Retriever

Best for: Brisk, short runs; long, slow runs

Labs are always on the top of the list when it comes to running and any other athletic activities. There’s no doubt regarding the level of energy they have and how lean yet sturdy they are. They will keep up to your pace with a sprint workout or even go a distance of 10km. They are the most perfect companions when it comes to hunting, jogging, swimming, hiking and so on, particularly because they are willing to work ‘round the clock with you. They are extremely obedient, friendly, high-spirited and outgoing. When it comes to outdoor activities, Labs are always ready to participate in them.

German Shepherd Dog

Best for:
Running in the cold

These iconic dogs are famous for the many talents that they have and running is surely one of them. They are extremely enthusiastic, energetic and intelligent and are great tagalongs when it comes to running or exercising. Even better, they are protective of their owners from all evil. Thinking of covering an extra mile? Your Shepherd dog will be with you till the end. With their great muscular structure and endurance, this athletic dog breed is an all-time favourite of athletes for the ability to run about 30 mph (or 48.3km/h). Wowzah! No wonder they are used in the military and police forces. The breed is truly, exceptionally savvy.

Siberian Husky

Best for: Running in the cold

As much as caring and loving huskies are, they come with endless energy to run and run some more. High-energy paired huskies are most suitable for colder climates and their stamina will tell you they were bred as sledge dogs. They are not the kind who would be snoozing all day with you on your couch. They have lots of energy to burn thus requiring some vigorous exercise. In fact, if you don’t take them outside for a run, their pent-up energy might turn into destructive consequences and put them in some troublesome behaviour. Owning a husky will make you more of an active person, benefitting you physically.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Best for: Running in the heat; long, steady runs

Originally, they were used to hunt lions back in Africa because of their confident and independent personality. They can be extremely dominant with other animals yet surprisingly good with people. Their athletic personality allows them to run in the heat for hours. They are very efficient runners and obedient to their owners. A versatile athletic breed, Rhodesian Ridgeback, with their large muscular body, is keen about any physical activities that will keep them out of boredom.


Best for: Long, steady runs

Did you know that these white on black furry creatures can keep pace with a horse! Yes, a horse. Meaning, they can certainly keep pace with you. Although they were traditionally employed to run ahead of firefighting carriages to clear the way, however, they will be equally as happy to run with you in the park. They are great running mates for you if you go for long-distance jogs and need a protective breed of dog. Nonetheless, they are the most honest breed with their eye-catching black and white body and delightful personality.


Boxers are full of energy. They will zip around from your living room to your yard in seconds, spending every energy they have in their body. If you are a core runner and looking for the best breed of dog to run alongside you, look no further, Boxer is the right choice for you! This brachycephalic breed does their best when it comes to sprints, as opposed to long runs. Ensure that you rehydrate your Boxer from time to time when you take them out for workout sessions. That’s because Boxers tend to run out of breath and their breathing needs to be brought back under control. Other than that, feed your Boxer super-nutritious meals and you both are good to go!


Best for: Long, steady runs

Poodles look deceiving, because they are the cutest yet the most athletic breed you’ll ever come across. They are intelligent and possess great stamina, requiring more exercise than any other small breed ever will. Although they are mostly inactive while indoors, they are actually used for hunting ducks in Germany. They will run, swim, jump and retrieve anything and everything that you throw. Their standard, miniature toy size is very easy for you to handle as an apartment dweller. As a small dog, they are one of the most avid runners making them an excellent companion for your daily jog.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

You must be thinking, how can they be runners with their short and cute physique? Well, they might be short and cute, but they do not lack in muscles. Their strong sets of thighs give them the power to move fast and steady, which explains their reason for being famous during the medieval times for herding sheep and cattle. These great little creatures have a passion for workouts. Once they get into the running mode, they quickly become obsessed with it. In fact, you as the owner will need to find ways to keep your corgi occupied with different exercises, otherwise they will start nipping at your heels. Even though their stout legs might make it a bit difficult to run long distances, but they are perfect for walking and light jogging.

Golden Retriever

Best for: Brisk, short runs; long, slow runs

For Golden retrievers to be able to join you on your running adventures is equal to a birthday treat to them! With the amount of energy they have, running, jogging, swimming and hiking are all they need to keep them going. They are avid sports fan and will look for ways to burn their energy with variety of outdoor activities. You’ll never have trouble communicating with them as they are intelligent and blends in well with owners who do not have much experience with workout sessions. All you need to take care of is that they don’t get overheated during summer time.


Pit bulls excel at running. The physical needs of a pit bull is much higher than any other breed as they are extremely athletic dogs. While many dogs enjoy running, fetch and swimming, pit bulls are passionate about all these to the extreme. Their impressive abilities of jumping and leaping are praiseworthy. As a pit bull owner, you will need to fulfil their physical activity needs on a daily basis. If you’re going for hiking, make sure to tag along your pit bull along with you, as they are what will keep you going.

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