Top 10 obedient dogs

Posted on September 13 2018

Top 10 obedient dogs

Some breeds of dogs are more receptive than others to assimilate and respond to our requests.

They obey more quickly and easily during learning and education.

These dogs excel in disciplines such as agility, the ring or a little more specific disciplines such as tracking for the Malinois, moving herds for Border collie.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois  :

The Malinois is the working dog par excellence. Versatile, dynamic, voluntary, he has a great capacity for attention.

The Border Collie :

The physical and intellectual abilities of the Border Collie allow him to achieve excellent performances in many disciplines.

The German Shepherd :

It is a versatile dog par excellence, cut for action.

The Australian Shepherd :

Of equal temperament, he has enough energy to work a whole day.

The Australian Bouvier :

The Australian Bouvier also has an ideal temperament for work. He loves to jump and demonstrates impressive faculties in this field.

The Shetland :

Cousin du Collie is a little working dog, a rustic shepherd.

The poodle :

The poodle is an active dog that is constantly awake.

The Butterfly Spaniel :

Playful and dynamic, he is a good student in agility.

Labrador :

An excellent worker, he only thinks to please his master. It has an important ability of adaptation.

The Collie : The archetype of the family dog, the collie likes to run, very active.

Dogs are all different and all have different abilities like humans, so even if your dog is quite obedient, he is still the most faithful companion and you are also the most important thing in his life.

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