Top 6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders For Dogs And Cats in 2018

Posted on March 27 2018

Top 6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders For Dogs And Cats in 2018

It has happened to all of us that we do not have how to control the portions we give our pets because we are traveling or at work. For those moments, we recommend buying the best automatic pet feeder. With this convenient tool you can avoid overweight caused by leaving too much food to your little friends during the day.

In turn, you will not have to ask favors from your friends or hire someone to take care and keep your furry friend well fed while you are not. With these feeders you have an affordable solution to that problem, but you can also greatly improve the eating habits of your dogs or cats, avoiding obesity and overweight, diseases of the heart, liver, bones and more.

We invite you to continue reading this article that we prepare for you, so you can have healthier and better fed pets for a low price.

The 6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders

1,Wopet automatic feeder

Wopet is founded in 2015 and committed to making the safest, most “pet-friendly”  automatic pets feeder.Wopet designed wopet 7L timer programmable feeder,the feeder is most helpful for enhance the weight of pets to make the best for their healthy.

 wopet automatic feeder

Main features:

Flexible meal portions from 1--39 protions
4 feeding times can be set for any time
Personal voice message calls your pet
Dry dog or cat food; no canned or wet food snacks

This pet feeder is easy to use but not a little difficult to program,it has voice recording feature to call out to your dog to let her know it is time to eat.There are a lot of programming features and it makes it easier to set food portions out for over several days. The batteries can last for quite some time though if you do not have an outlet close by. It is also good for feeding cats.

2,Petmate Bistro

Petmate Bistro

It treats of the automatic dining room for pets programmable more looked for by the users. This model has an elongated design and a capacity for many portions.
The Le Bistro dispenser has a large LCD screen and a built-in volume counter, which makes meal planning for your furry friends easier and more effective. At the same time, the lid is turn-lock, which keeps food fresh and safe, out of the reach of your skilled pets. Also, the hopper is removable and washable in the dishwasher, so it offers improved comfort.
It is a fully programmable feeder, so you can place exactly the weight of the rations and the time at which you want the food released.

3,PetSafe PFD19-15521 Automatic Feeder

petsafe auto pet feeder

5,678 ml (24 cups) capacity in the food compartment
Programmable - Number of meals, meal times and serving sizes ...
Ration control - Set a food quantity from 29 ml to 946 ml for ...

This food dispenser has a compartment with a capacity for 5,678 ml of food, which translates into about 24 cups that can be programmed in different portions throughout the day.
With this programmable model you can also configure the hours and quantities between 29 and 946 ml to adapt to the specific needs of your pet.
In turn, the food compartment is large enough to have fewer recharges, is translucent to see how much food is left and can contain dry or semi-hydrated foods.
Finally, it has a blocking lid that keeps food protected and in good condition. This model may be one of the least expensive, but it is one of very good quality.

4,SureFeed feeder

The training function helps the pet get used to the dispenser.
It helps to avoid envy of food and controls the entry of food.
Airtight storage that keeps food fresh.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of microchip dispensers, you can use this model that is activated when the indicated pet is near.

It also has a training function that helps your little friends get used to the automatic dining system more quickly and can help control the entry of food.

In turn, this feeder comes with hermetic storage, which helps keep the food in good condition for longer and that your pet does not access it at the wrong time or eat too much.

It also has a bowl, double bowl and a silicone mat and is suitable for balanced feeding but also to give food to your dog or cat.


[Automatic feeder] makes nuisance free feeding for the health of ...
[Food Dispenser] dispense 1-10 servings per meal, each serving ...
[Illuminate blue LCD] display and clock provides ease settings ...

It is a very easy to use food dispenser and includes an excellent feature for the pet to feel calm and feel your presence at all times, which is a voice recorder and player.

With it you can leave recorded messages so that your animals feel your voice during the day. In turn, you can dispense between 1 and 10 servings of 24 ml per dry meal with 4 distribution alarms.

It has a blue LCD screen with display and good quality clock to adjust the portions correctly. In addition, it has power by outlet, but also battery backup.

This model is recommended if you have a maximum of 3 cats and if your dogs weigh less than 54 kg. It has a good size hopper and is recommended for its good price for what it offers.

6,UMEI 3litre

Suitable for small pets, medium pets. Such as: poodle, dog ...
low voltage USB power supply, US standards UU., Respectful with ...
Capacity: 3 liters, about 4.4 pounds of dry food. Size: 14.6 ...

It is an excellent electronic food dispenser with a voice reminder and programmable timer, with which you can set up to 4 meals of 5 to 195 grams of weight at one time.

Remember that it has a total capacity of 3 liters of dry food, so it is a good option for medium or small pets. Your battery can last all day and give all 6 meals thanks to its low energy use

This model of good quality also has a 10-second voice recording to warn your animals that it is time to eat 6 times a day that allows you to adjust the device.

It is a device that will also keep you happy, as it comes with an LCD screen with many options so you can configure meals with ease.

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