Train your dog to learn the order "Sitting"

Posted on November 15 2018

Train your dog to learn the order "Sitting"

The order "Sitting" is part of the exercises of elementary obedience. It remains one of the first lessons your dog needs to learn. Learning is easy from the age of 2 months. Few dogs do not respect this order. It is quite simple and often acts as a stepping stone to teach other things to your dog.

This order is very formative. In fact, it will allow your dog to simultaneously integrate requests related to the voice, a sign language of the hand and obtaining a reward.


  • The "Sitting " order requires a lot of synchronization . Your dog must quickly associate the word with the act . To achieve this, it passes (as always at the beginning) by a reward.
  • Enjoy moments of games to teach him this order. When you play the ball for example. As soon as he returns it to you or waiting for your release, ask him to sit down before acting.

But first, there is a surefire way to get your dog to sit right at the beginning of the lesson ...

How to teach him?

  • Take a treat and grab your dog's attention with it. They will serve to make you understand by your dog.
  • Then introduce the treat over your dog's head so that he looks up to look at you.
  • Then position it just behind his muzzle . Your dog will have no choice but to throw his head back and lower his hindquarters to the ground to catch him. It's instinctive in dogs, and they do not have the idea to turn around in this case
  • When he sits, offer him the treat and caress him with affection.
  • Repeat the operation several times. You will find that your dog will quickly understand how to win his treat and he will react to it will sit more and more quickly.
  • When he clearly understands what you expect from him, say " Sitting " as soon as he sits. Even if he has already realized the action of sitting, it will help him to associate the injunction and the action he must perform.
  • By force of training , and once the verbal order understood by your dog, you will be able to ask him to sit without a treat in return.

Good to know...

Know that during the learning phase, it is necessary to reduce a little the rations of croquettes of your dog in order to compensate for its taking of treats . Besides, caresses and nice words are also great rewards for your dog. Treats are only needed at the beginning of lessons to motivate them even more.

To use too many treats, you risk to swell your dog.

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