Training for my cat of walking on a leash

Posted on April 22 2018

Training for my cat of walking on a leash

Although it sounds incredible today is taking boom go for a walk with your cat in the park with a leash for cat , it is not impossible you just have to train the cat for several months so it does not get aggressive and ready, you can take it everywhere.

Next, we give you the steps to achieve it, you will have to be patient as it will not be easy, but the reward will be worth it.

We explain in simple steps how to achieve the training of your feline:
You only need a harness, a cat leash , goodies and a lot of patience with your cat, because they are very independent animals and they are not used to it.

Step 1 - Use a small harness that fits the cat, and a strap that is made of cotton or nylon. The harness can be adjusted to the size of your pussycat if you put a finger between the cat and the harness, adapting to your size.

Step 2 - You have to accustom the cat to wear the harness, you can wear it while it is in its moments of play where it is more likely to be relaxed, make it use the harness without closing it is simply so that you will lose the fear. Do not force him if you see he gets in a bad mood.

Step 3 - Reward your cat with lots of treats and affection. Caress your pet during training sessions this will help you to associate the harness with positive feelings.

Step 4 - Continue putting the harness on the cat every day until you get your cat completely ignored, then you can adjust the harness a bit so that it gets used to it, do it for short periods of time.

Step 5 - The process of our cat getting used to using the harness already adjusted to its body can last for several months, once it has been achieved let it walk with the harness on.

Step 6 - Add the strap when our cat is comfortable with the harness, let him walk with the strap on for as long as it takes to get used to it.

Step 7 - Practice walking around the house for a few days, this makes the kitten feel relaxed, he will have more confidence to go out on the street.

Step 8 - We go out for a walk when our cat is used to you holding the leash, let him guide you in the first steps, bring sweets along the walk to encourage him, make sure he is quiet outside when they go for a walk since he does not We want you to be scared.

Step 9 - Pull a bit of the strap to guide the cat on subsequent walks.

Step 10 - Be patient to teach our cat to walk on a leash takes time, take the training process day by day only when your cat is ready. Did you know that only 20% of domestic cats are adopted from pet shelters.

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