Travel with your dog this holiday

Posted on May 24 2018

Travel with your dog this holiday

When holidays are just around the corner and your dog does not want to stay at home, so take it with you and relax with him. Next I will give you some tips according to the transport you use to travel in a safe and comfortable way with your dogs.

If you are going to travel by car and your dog is very restless you should take into account their safety as it is very common that in accidents the dogs get hurt because people do not protect them as they should. When you take your dog by car, it is convenient to use a car safety harness , or a bib with a dog safety belt . You can also use a travel basket for dogs that have a hook. By the way, if you're afraid that your dog will get your car dirty and that's why you do not take it with you on a trip, then I suggest you consider using a dog booster seat.

Pet Booster Seat

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Traveling by plane does not mean you can not take your dog but before leaving it is important that you review the airline travel guides regarding pets since some allow you to take your dog inside the plane (of course, only small breeds) ). Other airlines only allow you to take your dog in the cargo area but with a dog carrier . For example,the airline states that in order to take dogs weighing less than 7 kg on the plane, a transporter measuring a maximum of 40 x 30 x 18 centimeters must be used; while for Volaris, the maximum weight to carry your dog on board is 10 kg with everything and the weight of the transporter. According to the indications of the airlines you should present your dog clean and quiet to avoid discomfort among other passengers. It is recommended to use organic methods to control the stress of your hairy so that your furry also enjoy the trip.

If you like to exercise but your dog does not have enough condition to keep up, do not leave it at home! There are trailers or dog baskets adaptable to ride your bike. Your hairy also loves to feel the wind on his face.

If you are one of those people who can not leave your dog for a single moment, dog transporters are ideal for you! To the park, to the beach, to the mall, wherever you go, take your little hairy breed with you. It is also an excellent way to exercise by carrying it with you everywhere.

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