Treat and eradicate the mange and scabies of your cat

Posted on December 17 2018

Treat and eradicate the mange and scabies of your cat

A disease known around the world, scabies affects humans as well as animals. Among them, cats are not spared. Yours could very well contract her during her life. Although usually benign, this condition should not be taken lightly, or it may cause more serious complications. Find all our advice to prevent and treat it.

Scabies, what is it?

It is a skin disease favored by the development of mites . These cause intense irritation on the surface of the skin. Your cat is itchy . He does not stop scratching anymore , until he's bloody most of the time. Your cat is contagious , even for humans who can contract the same disease , fortunately benign . Still, scabies should lead to a thorough cleansing of your entire home (see below).

Your cat catches scabies through a contact. Whether it is contact with congeners or with infested objects.

What types of mange in your cat?

Your cat can develop several types of scabies . The mite responsible for this disease is called Ectoparasite . Unfortunately, several subspecies develop and cause other types of scabies. So, your cat can catch:

  • The demodectic mange , although it tends to affect dogs more.
  • The notoedric mange , caused by mites Notoedres Cati.
  • The octodectique mange or ear mite that causes intense irritation to ears ....
  • The cheyletiella which is characterized by the presence of types of films that are actually mites that move.

Consider more generally that there are 2 types of scabies: the ears and the body.

What symptoms?

The symptoms result in intense itching , especially at the ears for ear mange , all over the body for general scab. When the ear scabies settles, it causes an important secretion of cerumen . The latter will be especially black and dry , proof of the infection that wins the auditory canal of your cat. This can cause even a loss of balance in the most advanced cases.

Everywhere else scabies occurs and is manifested by the appearance of crusts , pimples and a general thickening of the skin. These symptoms should alert you and push you to consult immediately. The vet will quickly confirm, or not, the presence of scabies in your feline. And here, the hard part begins.

What treatment and how to react?

Scabies is a disease that is transmitted excessively easily. The treatment of your cat goes hand in hand with a great spring cleaning . Bedding, cat accessories, basket, litter, carpet ... everything must be washed and disinfected. In parallel, you must apply skin lotions all over your cat's body for several weeks. This calms his itching and will gradually remove the mites responsible for this pathology. Of injections are also often prescribed. In the case of ear mange, several weekly cleanings are required and necessary. The liquid should also be introduced into the ear canal.

How to prevent the appearance of scabies?

It's hard to predict when and how your cat can come into contact with the mites responsible for scabies. The best is to avoid contact with gutter cats . Also count on the responsibility of other cat owners who come to cross you, and to cross your companion. The slightest contact can change your daily life for several weeks.

In summary

There are several types of scabies that can be transmitted by contact, from cat to cat. Scabies is then transmissible to humans. Your cat will scratch anywhere on the body, or simply on the ear depending on the type of mange. It should be given treatment after confirmation from your veterinarian. Then, you will have to clean and disinfect almost all your home to eradicate the responsible mites.

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