Vaccinate your kitten: why, when and at what price?

Posted on December 12 2018

Vaccinate your kitten: why, when and at what price?

Vaccinating your kitten is the best way to prevent some infectious diseases, some of which are deadly. It is also the way to check the good growth of your kitten in the process of becoming an adult. Against what to vaccinate him and at what price? Our answers.

Throughout your life, your cat can develop a plethora of diseases. Many infections are incurable and there is only adequate palliative treatment. The best remedy lies in a precise and rigorous vaccination of your kitten. It will bring him the proper protection.

Against what to vaccinate him?

Usually, your kitten is vaccinated against several life-threatening diseases:

  • The typhus , also known as feline panleukopenia. Without vaccination, your cat may adapt a virus that develops in its bone marrow and digestive tract. Diarrhea and vomiting (with blood) are the symptoms of the disease. Your veterinarian will put in place an aggressive treatment to overcome the disease.
  • The coryza , which is the merger of three viruses: one of the family of herpes viruses such as infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, the reovirus and Calicivirus. It is a very contagious disease and the condition of your cat will weaken. Treatment consists of the administration of antivirals.
  • The Leukemia Feline. The disease can be compared to AIDS in humans. She often has no symptoms in her early years. Then, the animal will become susceptible to all infections and bacteria because of its immunodeficiency.
  • The Rage . A disease transmissible to humans. It is in all cases fatal for your cat, in a period of a few days after the manifestations of the first symptoms.

What vaccination schedule?

The mother's antibodies stop their protection after 2 months . Your kitten becomes vulnerable and the slightest virus can weaken it or, in the worst case, kill it.

It is therefore advisable to start the vaccination of your cat during this period of 2 months. A second salvo of vaccines will be given to him a month later. Finally, you will have to get your cat vaccinated, as part of its recalls, every year . Especially since the older your cat becomes, the less immune defenses will fight against viruses and bacteria.

The cost of vaccines?

The health budget has a cost in the life of your cat. Vaccines too, even if they are essential to the development without fear of your cat.

  • The vaccine against Leucosis is set at a price around 63-65 €.
  • Count from 50 to 55 € for the vaccine against Typhus and Coryza , especially for an apartment cat that does not come out much.
  • Adding rabies, the Typhus-Coryza-Rage vaccine is between 55 and 65 €, depending on the clinic or veterinarian.
  • A complete vaccine ( Typhus-Coryza-Leucosis-Rage ) is recommended for a cat that comes out. It will cost you between 75 and 80 €.
  • The reminder of the first vaccination (a month later) is him of the order of 70 €.
  • The passport for the rabies vaccine is between €12 and €18.

Vaccination against all diseases of a cat that comes out is essential. On the other hand, if your cat is exclusively enclosed in your apartment, the Typhus-Coryza cocktail should suffice.

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